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#563 [M] (DI-4-1) (DI-2-) Discovery - doFullTextSearch (and others) can do "order-by" mpritcha task critical
#947 (DI-4-1) Temporal search without Stop_date isn't supported in the DiscoveryService mpritcha defect critical
#976 (DI-3-3) OAI Harvesting script not compatible with python2.5 installation on Glue sdonegan defect critical
#1038 (DI-4-1) Update Discovery Portal with increased functionality (place-holder) sdonegan task critical
#1039 (DI-4-2) Discovery resultset upgrade (place holder) sdonegan task critical
#137 (DI-4-) (DI-2-3) Allow more complex spatial queries by using multiple coordinate systems. mpritcha task required
#662 [M] (DI-2-6) Discovery - doPresent handling of missing / wrong namespaces mpritcha task required
#1012 (DI-3-3) Problem with MDIP/DIF conversion code sdonegan defect required
#1016 (DI-1-2) Create logging database sdonegan task required
#1018 (DI-1-4) Create interface to allow DiscoveryBE to query logging DB sdonegan task required
#1019 (DI-1-3) Design system to report URL's followed to logging db. sdonegan task required
#1020 (DI-1-5) Implement discovery service stats sdonegan task required
#1021 (DI-2-1) Add logging info into DiscoveryBE searches sdonegan task required
#1022 (DI-2-2) Add/improve vocab interaction in DiscoveryBE searches sdonegan task required
#1025 (DI-2-4) Adjust ingest to handle ISO sdonegan task required
#1026 (DI-2-5) Update to MOLES v2/v3 sdonegan task required
#1027 (DI-2-6) Design and finalise SOAP for increased functionality sdonegan task required
#1028 (DI-2-6) Update WSDL to reflect updated backend sdonegan task required
#1030 (DI-2-8) Check and update all xqueries used sdonegan task required
#1031 (DI-2-9) Produce openSearch interface for the DiscoveryBE sdonegan task required
#1032 (DI-2-9) Implement a GeoNetworks/CSW interface to the DiscoveryBE. sdonegan task required
#1033 (DI-3-1) Upgrade ISO support in Ingest sdonegan task required
#1034 (DI-3-1) Upgrade ISO handling in BE Database.. sdonegan task required
#1035 (DI-3-2) Upgrade MOLES v2/v3 support sdonegan task required
#1036 (DI-3-3) Update ingest scripts to allow increased functionality sdonegan task required
#1037 (DI-3-4) Allow OAI providers to synchronise records sdonegan task required
#94 [M] (DI-4-) Guidelines on how to use Web services to add discovery to anyones portal mpritcha task desirable
#444 [M] [WG] (DI-4-) Better branding for data providers (icons in browse etc) lawrence task desirable
#917 (DI-4-) Orphaned Pylons templates spascoe issue trivial

Status: closed (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1015 (DI-4-1) Problem with Discovery URLS in resultset sdonegan task blocker fixed
#1029 (DI-2-7) Better handle ranking within resultset sdonegan task critical fixed
#317 [C] Liaison with WDCC Max Planck as a Discovery Provider sdonegan task required fixed
#821 [D] (DI-2-3) (DI-2-7) Ranking when doing spatial searches mpritcha task required fixed
#1017 (DI-1-4) Implement a Discovery service usage logger sdonegan task required fixed
#1023 (DI-2-3) Improve geospatial functionality -improve postgis sql sdonegan task required fixed

Status: new (38 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#935 (DI-3-3) (DI-2-8) moles2dif xquery is still constructing a browse type URL sdonegan defect blocker
#336 [M] [WG] (DI-4-1) Service Binding Metadata (creation) lawrence issue critical
#607 [M] (DI-2-) Ensure tape backups are correct for glue and superglue. sdonegan task critical
#655 [M] (DI-2-8) Moles-to-MDIP transform needs extending sdonegan task critical
#659 [M] (DI-2-8) Arbitrary online resources should not be mapped to NDG-B service URLs sdonegan defect critical
#822 [D] (DI-2-3) Handle multiple bounding boxes /coverages in Discovery sdonegan task critical
#919 [WG] (DI-4-1) (DI-2-) Confirm that temporal searching does what we think it does sdonegan defect critical
#934 (DI-2-) (DI-3-) (DI-4-) semantic search returning 'server error' sdonegan defect critical
#949 (DI-4-2) Refine search - settings not retained sdonegan defect critical
#959 (DI-4-2) Unable to view the 31st result via the next/previous links sdonegan defect critical
#962 [M] (DI-3-3) Discovery ingest can't cope with vertical bar character sdonegan defect critical
#971 (DI-3-3) DIF records visible through ndgbeta contain invalid tag <End_Date> sdonegan defect critical
#972 (DI-2-8) DIF records contain incorrectly capitalised <Address> elements sdonegan defect critical
#1069 Make sure orderBy functionality matches required use cases sdonegan task critical
#139 (DI-3-4) Have a ‘harvest now’ web page to run OAI harvest then NDG ingest records from a DP. sdonegan task required
#598 [M] (DI-3-3) Handle deletions in OAI harvesting process sdonegan task required
#653 [M] (DI-3-3) Cope with URL's etc in discovery identifiers sdonegan issue required
#746 [M] (DI-2-4) ISO19115/19139 support in discovery ingest sdonegan task required
#797 [WG] - (DI-4-1) Discovery Improvements - Results page improvements 2 sdonegan task required
#841 (DI-2-3) Bounding box display inconsistency sdonegan defect required
#899 (DI-4-) Discovery review - Web page title, keywords and description sdonegan task required
#903 (DI-4-2) Discovery review - results page help sdonegan task required
#921 [WG] (DI-4-2) (DI-3-)Portal needs to summarise the sites from which harvests have occurred sdonegan defect required
#1024 (DI-2-4) Update to ISO as workhorse format in DiscoveryBE sdonegan task required
#442 [M] (DI-3-3) Link checker for harvested material sdonegan task desirable
#443 [M] (DI-3-3) Parse access constraints a bit more carefully sdonegan task desirable
#600 [M] (DI-3-3) Automatically notify DP's when their OAI has failed. sdonegan task desirable
#677 [M] (DI-3-2) provenance entry in MOLES output sdonegan task desirable
#697 [M] (DI-2-3) (DI-4-1) Revisit the pgsphere postgis issue mpritcha issue desirable
#762 (DI-4-1) Display popup box instead of tooltips on discovery/browse icons lawrence defect desirable
#798 [WG] (DI-4-1) Discovery improvements - Catalogue (D) page sdonegan task desirable
#889 [M] (DI-3-3) Pre-ingest validation of harvested records cbyrom task desirable
#900 (DI-4-1) Discovery review - Search page help text sdonegan task desirable
#950 (DI-4-1) Search temporal coverage, improvement for usability sdonegan task desirable
#954 (DI-3-3) NERC DDS exist backup warnings sdonegan defect desirable
#734 [WG] (DI-4-1) Discovery Improvements - Sort by options on the result set page sdonegan task discussion
#948 (DI-4-1) Search default setting on 'Source data provider' spepler task discussion
#952 (DI-2-) (DI-4-1) Displaying the semantic search options sdonegan task discussion

Status: reopened (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#739 [M] (DI-3-1) Author search bugs mpritcha defect discussion
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