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(edit) @5895   11 years astephen removed old file.
(edit) @5894   11 years astephen minor changes to make sure date parsed properly.
(edit) @5893   11 years astephen logging change.
(edit) @5546   11 years astephen Added a line of documentation in a function.
(edit) @5545   11 years astephen added comment at end if all fail.
(edit) @5544   11 years astephen update
(edit) @5394   11 years astephen Was missing units attribute, but no more!
(edit) @5370   11 years astephen More changes from print to logging.
(edit) @5369   11 years astephen replaced prints
(edit) @5368   11 years astephen Replace print with logging
(edit) @5349   12 years astephen Removed command line test text files from scripts dir and updated …
(edit) @5348   12 years astephen Put command line test scripts in tests. They can be run from the …
(edit) @5347   12 years astephen Updated tests and scripts.
(edit) @5346   12 years astephen Tests in scripts/ at now.
(edit) @5345   12 years astephen added
(edit) @5344   12 years astephen Added comment line.
(edit) @5191   12 years spascoe Removed fallback of looking for NAPPY_BASE_DIR to find nappy.ini because …
(edit) @5156   12 years astephen More tests on command line scripts.
(edit) @5152   12 years astephen - line.-This line, and those below, will be ignored-- M
(edit) @5151   12 years astephen Fixed some import issues.
(edit) @5150   12 years astephen Added scripts for command line testing of scripts.
(edit) @5149   12 years astephen Fixing scripts.
(edit) @5146   12 years astephen Removed -v and -a args as still buggy.
(edit) @5142   12 years spascoe Merged the nappy-eggable branch into trunk. See README_EGG for details …
(edit) @5140   12 years spascoe Removed tests from egg. Moved cmd_line_tests.txt into tests
(edit) @5139   12 years spascoe Merging changes in nappy/bin from trunk into nappy/scripts
(edit) @5138   12 years spascoe Merging changes in the nappy package from trunk
(edit) @5126   12 years astephen Added script.
(edit) @5125   12 years astephen Added some fixes after command-line testing.
(edit) @5124   12 years astephen Fixed some of and added list of cmd_line tests for now. Some …
(edit) @5074   12 years spascoe Tagging the eggable version of nappy.
(edit) @5073   12 years spascoe Adding very brief documentation on what I've done.
(edit) @5072   12 years spascoe Moved tests back out of the package hierarchy. They are now not included …
(edit) @5071   12 years spascoe Put default ini files in the package hierarchy. NAPPY_BASE_DIR is still …
(edit) @5070   12 years spascoe Scripts turned into entry_points. Initial
(edit) @5069   12 years spascoe Renamed unit_tests directory so it's auto-discovered with "nosetests …
(edit) @5068   12 years spascoe I'm branching to experiment with making nappy a distutils package that …
(edit) @4743   12 years astephen Committed changes in config file.
(edit) @4700   12 years astephen More fixes to nappy to get all DCIP stuff writing properly.
(edit) @4699   12 years astephen Various nappy updates to improve comments and combining them with inserted …
(edit) @4698   12 years astephen Various changes to get DCIP data writing cleanly to CSV files.
(edit) @4693   12 years astephen Updated nappy code to allow us to update header info better.
(edit) @4353   12 years spascoe A trivial allows use with buildout.
(edit) @4002   12 years astephen Minor change
(edit) @4000   12 years astephen Added date format to date descriptions.
(edit) @3999   12 years astephen Added annotation numbering.
(edit) @3991   12 years astephen Converted all global_atts to lists of key,value pairs so order can be …
(edit) @3988   12 years astephen Further nappy work to get comments inserted in correct place.
(edit) @3987   12 years astephen Many improvements to nappy, testing of API, proper use of annotation arg …
(edit) @3986   12 years astephen Renamed annotations slightly.
(edit) @3966   12 years astephen Updated nappy so it can handle numpy and cdms2 - but only partially …
(edit) @3746   13 years astephen Made string versions of any metadata defined as None
(edit) @3741   13 years astephen Fixed bug in unused areDomainsIdentical in cdms_utils.var_utils
(edit) @3630   13 years astephen Fixed defaults for delimiter and float format so read from nappy.ini …
(edit) @3628   13 years astephen Fixing defaults for delimiter and float format throughout.
(edit) @3625   13 years astephen Cleaned up some of the data files and improved unit tests and comparison …
(edit) @3624   13 years astephen Removed old test file.
(edit) @3619   13 years astephen
(edit) @3618   13 years astephen Added no_header option to allow user to specify writing the body only.
(edit) @3617   13 years astephen Brand new API but not yet fixed to work.
(edit) @3616   13 years astephen Massively changed first proper attempt at API.
(edit) @3615   13 years astephen Fixing some bugs and inconsistencies.
(edit) @3604   13 years astephen Added start of functions for API.
(edit) @3602   13 years astephen Thoughts in place.
(edit) @3601   13 years astephen Fixed foolish omission of the letter c.
(edit) @3546   13 years ckilburn Removed annotation dict
(edit) @3529   13 years astephen Added comparison to unit tests and set annotation=False in …
(edit) @3528   13 years astephen Remove old file.
(edit) @3527   13 years astephen Added name of annotations config file to nappy.ini so easy for users to …
(edit) @3526   13 years astephen Updates to config parser and test.
(edit) @3525   13 years astephen Fixed imports in test.
(edit) @3524   13 years astephen Fixed, renewed and added tests.
(edit) @3523   13 years astephen Moving tests.
(edit) @3522   13 years astephen Fixed tests and some bugs in
(edit) @3521   13 years ckilburn Annotations and isolating reverses on write
(edit) @3519   13 years ckilburn Annotation
(edit) @3518   13 years astephen Added annotations config file.
(edit) @3517   13 years astephen Added config file and parser for annotations.
(edit) @3515   13 years ckilburn Annotation column
(edit) @3510   13 years ckilburn Annotation work
(edit) @3493   13 years astephen Fixed bug with tolist() method on some axis objects, all are sliced first …
(edit) @3492   13 years astephen Removed bug from legacy code.
(edit) @3491   13 years astephen Tidied up the code after reverting to NAUXV and A correction
(edit) @3490   13 years astephen Fixed bug so A and NAUXV update fully when 2110 and 2310 found.
(edit) @3489   13 years astephen Reverted to previous version of 2110 and 2310 where writes all work from A …
(edit) @3488   13 years astephen Added some thoughts about what you might put in the API.
(edit) @3485   13 years ckilburn Changed superclass
(edit) @3482   13 years astephen Fixed and broken - got 2110 and 2310 writing from NetCDF. But the solution …
(edit) @3478   13 years astephen Tested writing to CSV from NetCDF and converting FFIs.
(edit) @3477   13 years astephen Removed print statement.
(edit) @3476   13 years astephen Deleted some print statements.
(edit) @3475   13 years astephen Fixed writing bug in that wasn't writing NX values in aux …
(edit) @3474   13 years astephen Got 2010 to 2110 working.
(edit) @3470   13 years astephen Got 1020 written from NetCDF.
(edit) @3469   13 years astephen Some temporary scripts to test functionality before formalising into unit …
(edit) @3468   13 years astephen Fixed a few bugs and improved return check whether really same or not.
(edit) @3467   13 years astephen Fixed a bug in line 77 writing to file instead of header attribute.
(edit) @3466   13 years astephen New comparison utilities for use in the test suite.
(edit) @3465   13 years ckilburn CK testing program
(edit) @3463   13 years ckilburn Adding annotation column
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