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(edit) @8350   8 years mnagni Regression bug. Did not append Observation to ObservationCollection?.member
(edit) @8332   8 years mnagni Defined a better procedure if the DB connection is lost Defined a very …
(edit) @8317   8 years jhorton made info dialog boxes modal
(edit) @8315   8 years jhorton added access button dialog
(edit) @8314   8 years jhorton added additional functions that are found on original page
(edit) @8313   8 years jhorton moved citation buttons to better location
(edit) @8312   8 years jhorton added citation and some dialgos
(edit) @8311   8 years jhorton added some more data for tabs
(edit) @8310   8 years jhorton made title font size larger
(edit) @8309   8 years jhorton added extents box
(edit) @8308   8 years jhorton added bounding box infO
(edit) @8307   8 years jhorton added textareas etc
(edit) @8306   8 years jhorton cleaned up style a bit
(edit) @8305   8 years jhorton made style changes
(edit) @8303   8 years jhorton added extra widgets
(edit) @8301   8 years jhorton update to browse
(edit) @8300   8 years jhorton initial commit of browse
(edit) @8296   8 years jhorton added record author to table
(edit) @8290   8 years jhorton added description for cedaSearch
(edit) @8289   8 years gparton amendments to search page files
(edit) @8280   8 years gparton
(edit) @8278   8 years gparton added in project details and update frequency information, updated DOI …
(edit) @8275   8 years gparton amendments to search function on base.html, update of search page and …
(edit) @8273   8 years gparton amendment to search page, addition of martian map
(edit) @8267   8 years gparton modification to Obs display to present keyword. Also alteration to …
(edit) @8264   8 years mnagni GUID out in the page
(edit) @8262   8 years gparton latest amendments to ceda Obs view
(edit) @8261   8 years gparton flagging to output to console only if chrome is used
(edit) @8244   8 years gparton modification to cedaObservation record rendering and also index to give …
(edit) @8242   8 years gparton have added in download link and phenomenon times to view
(edit) @8241   8 years spascoe Made all search boxes do the same thing. See for details of …
(edit) @8233   8 years gparton amendment to cedaObservation.js and cedaObservation.html to render …
(edit) @8232   8 years gparton adding in addition of record publication status and date.
(edit) @8216   8 years gparton committing last amendments to coObs js
(edit) @8215   8 years gparton committing GPs new additions to CEDA OBs pages and associated js
(edit) @8211   8 years gparton Adding in Graham's amendments to ceda Obs views and js, plus search page …
(edit) @8200   8 years mnagni Complete - # 22390: AMEND MOLES2 -> CEDA Moles Author and Co-author …
(edit) @8142   8 years mnagni Assumes that the /static directory is a symlink in the Apache root …
(edit) @8141   8 years mnagni
(edit) @8140   8 years mnagni
(edit) @8139   8 years mnagni
(edit) @8138   8 years mnagni Parametrized the Moles_Manager_wsgi.conf Updated again the
(edit) @8137   8 years mnagni Updated the in order to allow a static access to css/js/img. …
(edit) @8120   8 years gparton committing changes to cedaObservation.js and associated views
(edit) @8112   8 years gparton
(edit) @8096   8 years gparton
(edit) @8091   8 years mnagni The migration process now includes 1) deployment_data files 2) XML …
(edit) @8090   8 years mnagni Adding in Graham's CEDA views
(edit) @8089   8 years mnagni Played with DOJO New EA library Addede CEDA_Process to the migration
(edit) @8088   8 years mnagni New ea_model library. No more use the django.forms. Now uses JSON and …
(edit) @8083   8 years mnagni Verified that ingests MO_RsponsiblePartyInfo Better implementation for …
(edit) @8054   8 years mnagni Deep refactoring of the DB Connection. Now the there are 1) a PJB …
(edit) @8042   8 years mnagni The tables are correctly generated but still some problem with class …
(edit) @8016   8 years mnagni
(edit) @8015   8 years mnagni implemented a prototype for the cedaObservation. Further implementation …
(edit) @7976   8 years mnagni removed all the EA LIbrary until they are in stable status
(add) @7970   8 years mnagni Initial commit
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