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(edit) @7588   10 years astephen Version from trunk immediately before upgrade to be compatible with: * …
(edit) @7578   10 years astephen Changes for new python 2.6 and pylons 1.0 version.
(edit) @7490   10 years astephen Removed url_for import for pylons 1.0 compatibility.
(edit) @7489   10 years astephen Replaced use of "routes.url_for" function with the global "pylons.url" …
(edit) @7488   10 years astephen Changed path to template file as now needs to be called "<template>.html" …
(edit) @7487   10 years astephen Replaced use of "routes.url_for" function with the global "pylons.url" …
(edit) @7486   10 years astephen Updated script to mirror that of a new pylons 1.0 project.
(edit) @7485   10 years astephen Added a newline.
(edit) @7484   10 years astephen Updated routes to pylons 1.0 requirement using new Routes syntax. Also …
(edit) @7483   10 years astephen Included additional config args introduced in pylons 0.9.7 to allow the …
(edit) @7482   10 years astephen config/ file updated to mirror standard pylons 1.0 version. …
(edit) @7346   10 years spascoe Misplaced configuration statement
(edit) @7345   10 years spascoe Fixed a bunch of errors exposed by the tests (what few there are). …
(edit) @7343   10 years spascoe Pylons 1.0 compatibility changes
(edit) @7340   10 years spascoe Starting a branch for migrating COWSserver to Pylons-1.0 and Python-2.6. …
(edit) @6535   10 years pnorton Updated svn version to 1.5.1 in the trunk.
(edit) @6534   10 years pnorton Tagging the 1.5.0 release of cowsserver.
(edit) @6509   10 years pnorton Added some metadata information to the plot.
(edit) @6506   10 years pnorton Improved the getfigure code so that more of the display options are used …
(edit) @6455   10 years pnorton Fixed the owslib tests to work with the new CSML folder structure.
(edit) @6439   10 years domlowe branching and tagging again
(edit) @6438   10 years domlowe forgot to svn up before branch/tag
(edit) @6437   10 years domlowe forgot to svn up before branch
(edit) @6436   10 years domlowe tagging and branching 1.4 and updating trunk version to dev 1.5
(edit) @6435   10 years domlowe tagging 1.4.0 for release
(edit) @6423   10 years domlowe Catalogue controller modified to use getCSMLDatasetInfo method to csml …
(edit) @6407   10 years domlowe Updating maintenance branch to 1.2.1
(edit) @6405   10 years domlowe Catching broken symlinks in trunk
(edit) @6404   10 years domlowe Catch files that have broken symlinks
(edit) @6395   10 years pnorton Changed the cows imports to reflect the new class positions.
(edit) @6383   10 years domlowe creatign 1.2.x maintenance branch
(edit) @6382   10 years domlowe tagging in prepartation for 1.2 release
(edit) @6149   11 years pnorton Increased revision number.
(edit) @6148   11 years pnorton Tagging development version 1.1.0 of cowsserver.
(edit) @6147   11 years pnorton Increased the revision number to 1.1.0
(edit) @6146   11 years pnorton Added the output folder to svn ignore.
(edit) @6145   11 years pnorton Cleaned up the coastwms controller and modified the owslib tests.
(edit) @6101   11 years pnorton Removed the csml_geoplot controller and re-adjusted the routing. Also …
(edit) @6097   11 years pnorton Modified the catalog page so that it uses the dataset names rather than …
(edit) @6096   11 years pnorton Improved the image composition in the coastline controller so that it now …
(edit) @6095   11 years pnorton Specified the version of WebHelpers? (0.6.4) for use with pylons( …
(edit) @6094   11 years pnorton Added a number of files to svn:ignore.
(edit) @6090   11 years pnorton Removed my egg cache path form the buildout.cfg file
(edit) @6076   11 years spascoe Maintenance branch for 1.0.x versions
(edit) @6075   11 years spascoe Changed my mind on tagging convention
(edit) @6074   11 years spascoe Taging major release.
(edit) @6073   11 years spascoe Production release of cowsserver triggers a major version change
(edit) @6072   11 years spascoe Renaming package directory
(edit) @6071   11 years spascoe Changed references to wms_ddc_vis to cowsserver. NOTE: filename changes …
(copy) @6070   11 years spascoe Copying the QESDI/NCEO server instance into it's own top-level tree.
copied from qesdi/wms_ddc_vis:
(edit) @6041   11 years pnorton Made some minor alterations to the controllers.
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