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(edit) @5572   10 years pnorton Fixed some problems with adding and removing endpoints from the layer …
(edit) @5571   10 years domlowe rephrasing help for add new wms button
(edit) @5570   10 years domlowe Adding help for add new wms button
(edit) @5568   10 years domlowe Changing ini files and Openlayers config to default values. Openlayers …
(edit) @5567   10 years pnorton Forgot to include this file with the last commit.
(edit) @5563   10 years pnorton Moved the base layer definition into the developemnt.ini file rather than …
(edit) @5557   10 years pnorton Implemented a basic (no legend/metadata/axis) get figure on the UI. Also …
(edit) @5551   10 years pnorton Added a first attempt at a getFigure implementation. Also fixed the JS …
(edit) @5536   10 years pnorton Fixed a problem with the newly modified URL code, its not not using the …
(edit) @5534   10 years pnorton Improved the legend handling so that if there is no legendURL in the style …
(edit) @5531   10 years pnorton Modified the initial selection code in the layer controller and added the …
(edit) @5522   10 years pnorton Made some minor changes to stop the enpoint tree items always being …
(edit) @5515   10 years pnorton Modified the behaviour of the layerList so that new items added are …
(edit) @5505   10 years pnorton Split the layer parameters objects content up into 3 different object, …
(edit) @5502   10 years pnorton Made a first attempt at dynamically populating the rendering options by …
(edit) @5484   10 years pnorton I added a method so that the UI can be called with Request= …
(edit) @5480   10 years pnorton Added the legend back into the UI and added an object to cache the WMC …
(edit) @5478   10 years domlowe updating version no to 0.1.3
(edit) @5477   10 years domlowe commenting out console log message
(edit) @5476   10 years domlowe fixed problem with coastlayers to prevent high and low res coastlines …
(edit) @5475   10 years domlowe updating version no
(edit) @5474   10 years domlowe reduced the number of zoom levels by 1 to avoid extreme zooms
(edit) @5457   10 years pnorton Began customising the cowsclient code to include some additional features …
(edit) @5411   10 years pnorton Added some folders for buildout.
(edit) @5410   10 years pnorton created a qesdi branch of the cowsclient code.
(edit) @5409   10 years domlowe restructuring into branches tags and trunk
(edit) @5398   10 years domlowe fixing pylons version at in line with cows
(edit) @5391   10 years domlowe Adding tooltips to show feature abstracts
(edit) @5364   10 years domlowe Legend added to cows client
(edit) @5360   10 years domlowe Now clears out old endpoints upon reload
(edit) @5356   10 years domlowe NDG Security working with Openlayers client. Version as cowsclient 0.1.0.
(edit) @5342   10 years domlowe updating version to 0.0.5
(edit) @5341   10 years domlowe fixed WCS download internet explorer errors
(edit) @5340   10 years domlowe removing console log messages
(edit) @5337   10 years domlowe version no updated
(edit) @5336   10 years domlowe fixing helpicon problem
(edit) @5331   10 years domlowe Modified gui so dimension control keeps up with drag and drop layer list
(edit) @5313   10 years domlowe Adding stub exceptions
(edit) @5312   10 years domlowe deleting egg package info from svn
(edit) @5311   10 years domlowe removing svn tags
(edit) @5310   10 years domlowe updating client version no.
(edit) @5307   10 years domlowe exception handling fix
(edit) @5301   10 years domlowe adding path to server in config
(edit) @5300   10 years domlowe removing some of the hardcoded stuff
(edit) @5271   10 years domlowe commenting out broken helpicon code for now
(edit) @5270   10 years domlowe adding templates
(copy) @5269   10 years domlowe moving cowsclient out of cows server package
copied from cows/branches/cows-vis/cowsclient:
(edit) @5268   10 years domlowe adding more files to client
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