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(edit) @5424   12 years spascoe Removing tabs from python source
(edit) @5400   12 years domlowe increasing version number
(edit) @5399   12 years domlowe Changing PIL imports in cows
(edit) @5379   12 years domlowe updating version no.
(edit) @5378   12 years domlowe Visualisation links now displayed by catalogue template.
(edit) @5367   13 years domlowe slight modification to legend layout
(edit) @5366   13 years domlowe Adding config option for legend font.
(edit) @5365   13 years domlowe Changes to cows csml backend to render wms legend bar.
(edit) @5339   13 years domlowe Fixed problem where cdms sometimes returns numpy floats and sometimes …
(edit) @5332   13 years domlowe fixed bug with extreme zooming in wms.
(edit) @5309   13 years domlowe updating cows version no - new version has different pywms rendering
(edit) @5308   13 years domlowe Fixing wms image rendering
(edit) @5284   13 years spascoe Bug fix to prevent parameters being returned as unicode. New patch …
(edit) @5283   13 years spascoe Small change to how OWS Parameters are dealt with. [4572] which fixed …
(edit) @5249   13 years domlowe Minor change to wfs capabilities. Commit before branch.
(edit) @5247   13 years spascoe Slightly better error reporting when not using Pylons debugger
(edit) @5202   13 years spascoe Added renderOptsparameter hook for UKCP
(edit) @5174   13 years domlowe correcting default type of dataurls
(edit) @5173   13 years domlowe WCS urls now generated in WebMapContext? documents
(edit) @5164   13 years domlowe
(edit) @5137   13 years domlowe updating csml publish directory config option
(edit) @5133   13 years domlowe supporting maxfeatures keyword
(edit) @5132   13 years domlowe typename parameter enabled in WFS #2
(edit) @5131   13 years domlowe typename parameter enabled in WFS
(edit) @5127   13 years domlowe pointing to new config option
(edit) @5123   13 years domlowe fixing bug in wfs template when contact info missing
(edit) @5122   13 years domlowe removing 'return request' which wierdly has just showed up as a bug now.
(edit) @5110   13 years domlowe WCS supported crss now defaults to EPSG:4326. Tests updated.
(edit) @5108   13 years domlowe Namespace fix to describecoverage genshi template and CRS workaround till …
(edit) @5102   13 years spascoe Tests are excluded from the egg, drastically reducing it's size. If you …
(edit) @5090   13 years spascoe Pylons 0.9.7 support isn't ready for release yet so reverting the …
(edit) @5089   13 years spascoe Extra import for Pylons 0.9.7 compatibility
(edit) @5088   13 years spascoe Fixed dependencies and added some code for compatibility with Pylons-0.9.7
(edit) @5066   13 years spascoe Merged in latest changes to the project template. There is now an …
(edit) @5059   13 years spascoe Some fixes for Pylons 0.9.7. Implemented JSON GetContext? format.
(edit) @5052   13 years domlowe simple fix for render_imp trying to write to / under mod_wsgi
(edit) @5036   13 years domlowe tagging version 0.2.3 with rotated grid support added
(edit) @5029   13 years domlowe correction to WCS Capabilities doc in line with new bounding box handling
(edit) @5002   13 years domlowe svn commit -m fixed WCS CRS handling so correct CRSs are advertised
(edit) @5001   13 years domlowe Adding rotated grid doctest
(edit) @4982   13 years domlowe tests now point at famous test subset, formatting capabilities template
(edit) @4973   13 years domlowe correcting egg versioning info
(edit) @4972   13 years domlowe correcting name of tmpdir
(edit) @4971   13 years domlowe Default to global bounding box if missing in CSML document.
(edit) @4955   13 years domlowe editing wcs capabilities
(edit) @4952   13 years spascoe Missed some template variable substitutions
(edit) @4950   13 years spascoe New version of COWS
(edit) @4949   13 years spascoe Added a very simple catalogue page to the cows_server template. !Note: …
(edit) @4917   13 years spascoe Created a Paste project template based on Dom's example server. This was …
(edit) @4914   13 years spascoe Made a global CSMLConnector instance with a list function. Configuring …
(edit) @4912   13 years spascoe Added LICENSE file and a short banner at the top of each python file. …
(edit) @4911   13 years spascoe Missed a reference to h.url_for().
(edit) @4910   13 years spascoe Changes for compatibility with WebHelpers? 0.6. (no longer using …
(edit) @4906   13 years spascoe replacing ows_server config-option prefix with cows. Keep the old one as …
(edit) @4897   13 years domlowe Fixing bug in csml layer caching
(edit) @4867   13 years domlowe changing wcs response filename from default. Also tagging svn revisions …
(edit) @4859   13 years domlowe use numpy instead of Numeric in pywms
(edit) @4858   13 years domlowe wms doctest working
(edit) @4857   13 years domlowe WMS doctest for main operations - some metadata still missing
(edit) @4852   13 years domlowe adding OWSLib doctest for WCS
(edit) @4809   13 years domlowe reverting renderer name
(edit) @4808   13 years domlowe adding contents of pywms
(edit) @4807   13 years domlowe adding ukcip pywms version
(edit) @4806   13 years domlowe removing incorrect version of pywms
(edit) @4805   13 years domlowe allow wcs to take time range or single time
(edit) @4786   13 years spascoe Fixed a pywms class name error. cows.test.util creates a test CSML …
(edit) @4785   13 years spascoe Various comments on code structure. Grep for !TODO and !FIXME or see the …
(edit) @4784   13 years spascoe pywms package imported directly from IPCC-DDC svn. This is needed for …
(edit) @4774   13 years domlowe WCS axis descriptions for vertical axes now derived from CSML and …
(edit) @4772   13 years domlowe adding support for z dimension in WCS requests - axisdescriptions …
(edit) @4769   13 years domlowe adding gml:timepositions to describe coverage response
(edit) @4768   13 years domlowe changing times to time to match wcs spec
(edit) @4751   13 years domlowe more template changes
(edit) @4740   13 years domlowe More conversion to genshi templates for wcs.
(edit) @4695   13 years domlowe Merging WCS branch back into cows trunk
(edit) @4622   13 years spascoe Added a trivial test to see if buildbot picks it up.
(edit) @4618   13 years spascoe Tests pass (all 3 of them :-). Ready to start proper test-driven …
(edit) @4614   13 years spascoe Fixed bugs in via a regression test (
(edit) @4613   13 years spascoe Improved testing for COWS. To effectively test COWS you need a Pylons …
(edit) @4572   13 years spascoe Added work arround for ticket:1014.
(edit) @4570   13 years spascoe Added QUERY_STRING parsing utilities directly from Python 2.6.1 codebase. …
(edit) @4561   13 years domlowe updated names of getCsmlDoc and getInfo in wms_csmllayer
(edit) @4534   13 years domlowe fix typo -Point > Grid
(edit) @4533   13 years domlowe Fixed Stored Query definitions so multiple parameters show up.
(edit) @4517   13 years domlowe Tidying up DescribeQuery? and allowing multiple ParameterExpressions?
(edit) @4481   13 years domlowe Fixes to enable Point and GridSeries? subsetting in WFS.
(edit) @4439   13 years domlowe Support for gridseries subsetting stored query
(edit) @4438   13 years domlowe Adding fetch controller for retrieving netcdf (or other) files after …
(edit) @4431   13 years domlowe prototype support for attributes in getpropertyvalue method - need to …
(edit) @4429   13 years domlowe Removing unneeded matplotlib import from wfs. Adding try except to url_for …
(edit) @4422   13 years domlowe Extended framework to allow for wfs:AdditionalObjects - which can be used …
(edit) @4418   13 years domlowe deleting unneeded function
(edit) @4417   13 years domlowe Implemented first cut of GetPropertyValue? method for wfs
(edit) @4416   13 years domlowe minor changes to wfs templates
(edit) @4415   13 years domlowe
(edit) @4413   13 years domlowe fixing content response types
(edit) @4412   13 years domlowe Validated output of describestoredqueries and liststoredqueries
(edit) @4408   13 years domlowe More prototype support for stored queries.
(edit) @4400   13 years domlowe More code to support StoredQuery? handling
(edit) @4399   13 years domlowe Adding empty stored queries module
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