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(edit) @4108   13 years cbyrom Add new test suite to exercise the EchoClientADB class - and refactor this …
(edit) @4099   13 years cbyrom Add header comments to java clients.
(edit) @4098   13 years cbyrom Remove keys not being used.
(edit) @4095   13 years cbyrom Add info on the different example clients in the README doc.
(edit) @4094   13 years cbyrom Add example java clients: EchoClientADB - uses Axis Data Bindings …
(edit) @4093   13 years cbyrom Add eclipse config files to allow easy set up of java project.
(edit) @4091   13 years cbyrom Tidy up the provided xmlbeans binding java client.
(edit) @4089   13 years cbyrom Tidy up unused configuration files.
(edit) @4088   13 years cbyrom Add README.txt doc with details on setting up java client to use …
(edit) @4087   13 years cbyrom Remove files no longer needed.
(edit) @4086   13 years cbyrom Fix file - change keystore type to 'jks' (cannot deal …
(edit) @4085   13 years cbyrom Add documentation detailing configuration of axis2 rampart settings.
(edit) @4084   13 years cbyrom Fix axis2.xml rampart config section: adjust ordering of action items + …
(edit) @4083   13 years cbyrom Add basic files required to run the openssl commands for generating CA …
(edit) @4053   13 years pjkersha WSS4J XML Beans based client for testing Python WS-Security.
(edit) @3585   14 years pjkersha Working XMLBeans client to Rampart Sample04 service (demos WS-Security …
(edit) @3411   14 years pjkersha Java Apache Axis test C14N test harness
(edit) @2265   15 years pjkersha Working version including changes to getAttCert operation to support …
(edit) @2247   15 years pjkersha Remove eclipse dot files and directories - not required
(edit) @2136   15 years pjkersha python/ * comment out Twisted from install - …
(edit) @2135   15 years pjkersha
(edit) @2134   15 years pjkersha
(edit) @2110   15 years pjkersha
(add) @2109   15 years pjkersha Store Java stubs to python services.
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