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(edit) @804   15 years lawrence Significant enhancments to the stub-b class to support many of the data …
(edit) @801   15 years lawrence Fixing xpath problem (need real ElementPath? to be present)
(edit) @800   15 years lawrence First steps to using ElementTree to parse the stub-B so we can get at the …
(edit) @789   15 years lawrence Browse now gets the links to related entities correct. (note known bug at …
(edit) @788   15 years lawrence Supports search on discovery portal from within browse portal
(edit) @787   15 years ko23 MOLES 1.2.4 schema uploaded
(edit) @783   15 years lawrence Scaffolding for connecting the browse portal to NDG security. (Also …
(edit) @778   15 years lawrence browse icons etc now in the right place, fabio's code works as expected …
(edit) @777   15 years lawrence Sorting out icon locations (part one)
(edit) @772   15 years lawrence This version calls documents from exist, loads and transforms them using …
(edit) @770   15 years lawrence Directory reorganisation for moles portal hopefully complete
(edit) @769   15 years lawrence Unstable commit of moles portal code (part of directory reorg)
(edit) @768   15 years lawrence Directory reorganisation part three
(edit) @767   15 years lawrence Directory reorganisation part two.
(edit) @766   15 years lawrence A bit of directory reorganisation for the moles portal - part one
(edit) @765   15 years lawrence This version of the browse portal simply gets the stub-b document and …
(edit) @764   15 years lawrence This is the shell cgi material for the browse portal. At this stage it …
(edit) @761   15 years lawrence Modified the browse use case to get the sequence of events the gui server …
(edit) @760   15 years lawrence This changeset includes a temporary directory for showing problems with …
(edit) @735   15 years lawrence Some first cuts at what the MOLES_Portal will actually have to do from an …
(edit) @734   15 years ko23 Add newer version of eXist libraries for SOAP interface in */lib2
(edit) @733   15 years ko23 Run-time bundles for bulkdestubb and returnmoles
(edit) @731   15 years fvenuti Improvements on rules
(edit) @730   15 years fvenuti First version of activity stub-b xslt
(edit) @713   15 years fvenuti Fixed bug that prevented interface to be displayed properly on some web …
(edit) @709   15 years fvenuti Added rules
(edit) @708   15 years fvenuti More Stub-B examples…
(edit) @707   15 years fvenuti Added Stub-B examples
(edit) @703   15 years fvenuti Added icons, css, logos for moles browser and updated version of xslt
(edit) @702   15 years hsnaith Added first version MOLES Browse xslt
(edit) @681   15 years ko23
(edit) @673   15 years ko23
(edit) @659   15 years ko23
(edit) @648   15 years ko23
(edit) @647   15 years aharwood Removed Buildscript.sql as this should be generated by BuildBuildsql?.sh or …
(edit) @628   15 years sdonegan Adding FGDC to MOLES mapping for NEODC data item documents
(edit) @607   15 years ko23
(copy) @549   15 years selatham moving MOLES stuff to the right product directory
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(edit) @337   15 years ko23 tbl_deployments end date fix
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