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(edit) @2699   13 years ko23 Fix for #799, and update examples
(edit) @2664   13 years ko23 Typing error in schema updates corrected
(edit) @2663   13 years ko23 .spp updt
(edit) @2662   13 years ko23 Updates of 1.3 to move higher-level security structure to …
(edit) @2660   13 years ko23 StubB XQueries updated to include rawDeployments section
(edit) @2658   13 years ko23 Addition of NumSim to allowed dataFormat types (needs to be added to the …
(edit) @2652   13 years ko23 Split of MOLES security into separate schema (moles_security1.0.xsd) and …
(edit) @2627   13 years ko23 Fixed DIF in
(edit) @2612   13 years lawrence Tagging and branching the right versions of browse/discovery as wsgi-beta
(edit) @2610   13 years lawrence Damn, committed the wrong code into the tagged wsgi-beta
(edit) @2609   13 years lawrence First changes (in standard wsgi branch) for supporting shopping cart …
(edit) @2608   13 years lawrence Tagging the current version of wsgi PythonCode? (discovery/browse) as beta …
(edit) @2583   13 years ko23 New version of and examples of new StubBs?
(edit) @2581   13 years ko23
(edit) @2579   13 years ko23 Index final candidates
(edit) @2575   13 years ko23 XQuery betas
(edit) @2572   13 years ko23
(edit) @2571   13 years ko23
(edit) @2554   13 years ko23 Update of to include time-out capability and optimised DIF …
(edit) @2553   13 years ko23 Update of to include time-out capability
(edit) @2545   13 years lawrence Woops, forgot to commit these last night. This is the date ordering change …
(edit) @2533   13 years lawrence Discovery now defaults to an advanced interface which is getting close to …
(edit) @2528   13 years lawrence Improvements associated with ticket:733
(edit) @2523   13 years lawrence A date handling utility
(edit) @2522   13 years lawrence Sundry minor improvements in layout etc.
(edit) @2518   13 years lawrence oops, discovery config got corrupted before commit.
(edit) @2517   13 years lawrence Sundry browse bug fixes from PML experience, plus look-n-feel in browse …
(edit) @2512   13 years ko23 Update deployment count query
(edit) @2511   13 years ko23 Update voclib to include Roy's new IDs. Add version variable to libraries. …
(edit) @2491   13 years lawrence And another debugging piece turned off
(edit) @2490   13 years lawrence Oops, left this out as well …
(edit) @2489   13 years lawrence oops, still had some test code in it …
(edit) @2487   13 years lawrence Modifications to support cut-down stub-b xquery. Slight rearrangement of …
(edit) @2485   13 years lawrence Bug fix for empty content
(edit) @2483   13 years ko23 Deployment count xquery
(edit) @2482   13 years ko23 Update to give what was wanted as well as what was needed
(edit) @2467   13 years ko23 Update
(edit) @2466   13 years ko23 Updated XQueries for BADC 'worst cases so far'
(edit) @2465   13 years ko23 Double indexing removed
(edit) @2464   13 years ko23 Updated DIF queries
(edit) @2463   13 years ko23 Extended indexing/moles.xconf and moved xqueryLib to somewhere more …
(edit) @2459   13 years ko23 Upload working prototype index config, and move xqueryLib under "eXist …
(edit) @2457   13 years ko23 Index prototype
(edit) @2456   13 years lawrence New code for handling stripped deployments ... this is test code at the …
(edit) @2450   13 years ko23 Transfer
(edit) @2449   13 years ko23 Updated vocab lib to support forthcoming queries
(edit) @2448   13 years lawrence Changes to make cleaner logging in discovery/browse ..
(edit) @2446   13 years ko23 Updated version of NDG_Format_Vocab.xls
(edit) @2445   13 years ko23 Addition of keys on Online_Reference_Classes_Vocab_Spreadsheet.xls
(edit) @2435   13 years ko23 Add pointer to original metadata keyword
(edit) @2434   13 years ko23 Online_Reference_Classes update
(edit) @2433   13 years lawrence Fixes for ticket:722, changing to internal unicode (probably not …
(edit) @2422   13 years lawrence Code to support late binding to Browse service
(edit) @2417   13 years lawrence Handling empty documents and errors from DIF loading better
(edit) @2413   13 years lawrence oops, the discovery help wasn't in subversion
(edit) @2411   13 years lawrence and another error in error handling (can only test this live folks, …
(edit) @2410   13 years lawrence Error in error handling!
(edit) @2394   13 years lawrence Improved error handling, including gross error mailing
(edit) @2392   13 years lawrence Tiny modification to citation handling
(edit) @2390   13 years lawrence Tiny fix for address handling with empty elements
(edit) @2386   13 years lawrence Improvements in date and person handling.
(edit) @2384   13 years ko23 Fix to ObsStn? StubB
(edit) @2380   13 years lawrence Some more browse improvements. Handling dgMetadataDescription. Better …
(edit) @2379   13 years lawrence Improved handling of deployments in browse.
(edit) @2376   13 years lawrence Fixes potential underscore in ndg URI problem.
(edit) @2375   13 years ko23 Temporal output from mini-MOLES to DIF enabled (see #680)
(edit) @2374   13 years lawrence Fixed the 1 to 10 of 1 problem in discovery
(edit) @2372   13 years ko23 Fix MDIP2MOLES cast (see #655)
(edit) @2371   13 years lawrence Interim check in browse update ... (browse still not working properly)
(edit) @2370   13 years ko23 Update of DIF2MOLES
(edit) @2367   13 years ko23 Fix of #679
(edit) @2366   13 years lawrence Improvements on DIF rendering, Source and Sensor display.
(edit) @2364   13 years lawrence Sundry modifications to get browse working again and to use a config file …
(edit) @2363   13 years ko23 Extended MDIP output from MOLES
(edit) @2358   13 years ko23 Base NDG2DIF bugfix + Python lib (no XQueryLib dependence)
(edit) @2355   13 years lawrence Generates the python code to talk to the discovery service from the wsdl …
(edit) @2353   13 years lawrence And now hopefully the discovery service wsdl generated types will be …
(edit) @2352   13 years lawrence Cleaning up a svn inconsistency in browse/discovery
(edit) @2351   13 years lawrence Shell script for controlling deployment of ndg browse/discovery wsgi on …
(edit) @2347   13 years lawrence bug fix for ticket:675
(edit) @2346   13 years lawrence Interim changes to default config file ... (supports only discovery …
(edit) @2345   13 years lawrence Now using the SOAP call for all discovery D calls, rather than XMLRPC for …
(edit) @2344   13 years ko23 Updated versions of vocab proposals
(edit) @2340   13 years lawrence Bug fixes and test cases for ticket:672
(edit) @2339   13 years ko23 Updated versions of vocab proposals
(edit) @2335   13 years ko23 Corrected problem with ISO19139 showing areas
(edit) @2334   13 years ko23 Corrected problem with ISO19139 showing areas
(edit) @2333   13 years ko23 Update vocab wksheets
(edit) @2332   13 years lawrence Fixes for ticket:664
(edit) @2330   13 years lawrence Sundry testcases plus a a bug fix for ticket:666 ... it's done, but I …
(edit) @2319   13 years lawrence Better error handling, better parameter showing. Shell example javascript …
(edit) @2315   13 years lawrence Improved parameter handling, and better test cases.
(edit) @2302   13 years ko23 Corrected DIF output query (Related_URLs)
(edit) @2301   13 years ko23 d2b* MDIP deconstruction update
(edit) @2299   13 years lawrence fixing a bug introduced this morning ... damn it …
(edit) @2296   13 years lawrence More slight mods to clean up discovery
(edit) @2295   13 years lawrence Cleaning up edge cases in discovery so that while NDG browse isn't …
(edit) @2293   13 years lawrence Tiny modifications to discovery to handle multiple formats for parameter …
(edit) @2292   13 years ko23 A couple of MDIP schema diagrams
(edit) @2291   13 years ko23 d2b* DIF deconstruction update
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