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(edit) @2850   12 years domlowe fixing wcs store so that it respects security
(edit) @2848   12 years domlowe fixed unicode problem when selecting time ranges in wcs
(edit) @2847   12 years lawrence Stub code for the vocab server interaction for semantic searching.
(edit) @2846   12 years lawrence Interim fix for ticket:860
(edit) @2845   12 years lawrence Bug fixes for problems using scope in discovery, and for some specific …
(edit) @2844   12 years lawrence Fixes for ticket:858
(edit) @2842   12 years lawrence This is a fix for at least some of the ticket:857 problems.
(edit) @2836   12 years domlowe fixing the header content-type for ows exception reports in OwsController?
(edit) @2835   12 years lawrence Slightly more elegant default xml encoding solution
(edit) @2834   12 years lawrence Last bug fixes (well, fixes to handle content problems) for ticket:853
(edit) @2833   12 years domlowe changes to enable SupportedFormats? and SupportedCRS parameters
(edit) @2832   12 years lawrence Fix for ticket:853
(edit) @2831   12 years domlowe added base_url to endpoint in capabilities xlinks, changed bounding box …
(edit) @2829   12 years lawrence Trackback bug fixes.
(edit) @2826   12 years domlowe more wcs templace changes - Format >> owcs:Parameter
(edit) @2825   12 years domlowe fixing up ows metadata in the wcs capabilites template
(edit) @2822   12 years domlowe dataset should be c.dataset
(edit) @2821   12 years domlowe correct redirect of access denied message
(edit) @2820   12 years lawrence Fixing the strip problem (the string method strip doesn't do what you …
(edit) @2819   12 years lawrence Fixing the error returning in ndgRetrieve …
(edit) @2811   12 years lawrence More support for consuming CSML …
(edit) @2810   12 years domlowe correct rendering of access denied message in wcs
(edit) @2809   12 years domlowe alternate response for multipart mime
(edit) @2806   12 years domlowe changes to WCS to allow Trajectory subsetting. Also change in way …
(edit) @2805   12 years lawrence Woops, bug fix for a catastrophic failure …
(edit) @2804   12 years lawrence Removing duplication of selected granules …
(edit) @2803   12 years lawrence Bug fix for ticket:846
(edit) @2802   12 years lawrence Adding more functionality to the selections …
(edit) @2801   12 years lawrence Without the ows_server.egg-info directory we can't build new controllers. …
(edit) @2800   12 years lawrence Changing to the new tab layout ... (incomplete)
(edit) @2799   12 years lawrence Minor layout changes, slight fix for trackback.
(edit) @2798   12 years pjkersha ows_server/ows_server/models/ * added handling for new …
(edit) @2795   12 years lawrence Bug fixes in security …
(edit) @2794   12 years pjkersha ows_server/ndgDiscovery.config: * swapped saturn host for localhost * …
(edit) @2793   12 years lawrence Slightly nicer handling of the history/selection tabs (which is going to …
(edit) @2791   12 years lawrence Better handling of security info in stub-b. Bug fix following login.
(edit) @2789   12 years domlowe removing comments
(edit) @2788   12 years domlowe commenting out unused routes
(edit) @2787   12 years pjkersha ows_server/ndgDiscovery.config: * refs. to saturn host replaced with …
(edit) @2786   12 years lawrence Sundry ticket fixes.
(edit) @2785   12 years lawrence A temporary fix (I think) for ticket:841. Some more improvements with …
(edit) @2784   12 years lawrence Modifications to support the login redirect
(edit) @2782   12 years domlowe integrating Trajectory subsetting into pylons wcs
(edit) @2781   12 years spascoe Removed debugging line. This prevents the mapbox working on IE or if …
(edit) @2780   12 years domlowe changes to MIMEHandling to work in 2.4
(edit) @2776   12 years pjkersha ows_server/ows_server/lib/ temp fix to passing of credentials over …
(edit) @2775   12 years pjkersha ndgDiscovery.config: fix typo in comment …
(edit) @2773   12 years domlowe fixed back button and refined search so selection is retained
(edit) @2772   12 years lawrence Adding fixes for login redirect
(edit) @2771   12 years lawrence Removing spurious print statements associated with last fix
(edit) @2770   12 years lawrence Fix for ticket:839
(edit) @2769   12 years lawrence Moving the configuration file out of the egg domain. Note that users …
(edit) @2768   12 years domlowe Visual changes to map box for ticket:836.
(edit) @2763   12 years lawrence One missing template, and one minor bug fix in the pass off to semantic …
(edit) @2762   12 years lawrence Fix for ticket:834
(edit) @2760   12 years lawrence Adding help to results page. Adding initial support for semantic search.
(edit) @2759   12 years domlowe Implemented discovery openlayers box (Stephen)
(edit) @2757   12 years lawrence Fixes for ticket:825
(edit) @2756   12 years lawrence Fix for ticket:820
(edit) @2755   12 years lawrence Improvements in the advanced search page, and a fix for ticket:817 (I …
(edit) @2754   12 years lawrence Turning of security in ndgInterface for now …
(edit) @2753   12 years lawrence again …
(edit) @2752   12 years lawrence Temporarily removing provider list via AA in wayf (Phil contact …
(edit) @2751   12 years lawrence Missing from layout directory
(edit) @2750   12 years lawrence Fixes for ticket:818
(edit) @2748   12 years pjkersha * added code for call to Session Manager in underlying SecurityHandler?
(edit) @2745   12 years lawrence Fixed the next/previous error in ticket:818. Slight improvement in layout …
(edit) @2740   12 years domlowe added fetch controller for use with STORE paramter in WCS, also ndgSec …
(edit) @2738   12 years domlowe changing email imports again
(edit) @2737   12 years domlowe changing email imports
(edit) @2736   12 years domlowe moving the passwordFile and configFile variables so they respect %(here)s …
(edit) @2729   12 years domlowe more on DescribeCoverage? operation
(edit) @2726   12 years domlowe more on describecoverage operation
(edit) @2725   12 years domlowe email package imports differ in python 2.5 and 2.4 added try except
(edit) @2724   12 years domlowe missing div put in right place this time
(edit) @2722   12 years domlowe missing closing div tag in stubB kid template
(edit) @2713   12 years lawrence oops missed out
(edit) @2712   12 years domlowe rolling back wms_capabilities, edited by accident
(edit) @2711   12 years domlowe describeCoverage operation added. Added name parameter to Operations class
(edit) @2709   12 years domlowe Added HTTP_REFERER check to redirect code - BRYAN, you may want to check …
(edit) @2706   12 years lawrence Final tiny mod in stub-b (for now)
(edit) @2705   12 years domlowe handling access denied message
(edit) @2704   12 years lawrence Fixing support for deployments with entities without abbreviations in …
(edit) @2703   12 years lawrence Look and feel of result set is now close to Kay's concepts.
(edit) @2701   12 years domlowe rolling back to Bryans last commit
(edit) @2700   12 years domlowe resolving conflicts
(edit) @2698   12 years ko23 Fix for #799
(edit) @2697   12 years domlowe adding statuscontroller back into
(edit) @2696   12 years domlowe adding private filestore directory
(edit) @2695   12 years lawrence wcs now security and cache compliant
(edit) @2694   12 years lawrence Interim commit to support common cache. At this point it's implemented in …
(edit) @2693   12 years domlowe changes to kid template
(edit) @2691   12 years domlowe handle axis names from any crs
(edit) @2690   12 years domlowe better support for 3 bounding box
(edit) @2689   12 years domlowe general commit -including 3d bbox validator
(edit) @2688   12 years lawrence Beginning to add the framework for an openlayer map, but it's very …
(edit) @2682   12 years domlowe deleting print statements
(edit) @2681   12 years domlowe unicode problem in ndgObject wrapped with str
(edit) @2680   12 years lawrence ows stack now has the equivalent support for DIF to the older wsgi stack
(edit) @2678   12 years domlowe removing import statement, not needed
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