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(edit) @3954   11 years domlowe intercept the missing values and make sure they don't interfere with valid …
(edit) @3915   12 years domlowe Added support to WMS for retrieving CSML docs from eXist
(edit) @3904   12 years domlowe removing prints
(edit) @3903   12 years domlowe csml layer caching added at the layermapper level and at the …
(edit) @3902   12 years domlowe correcting featureinfoformats in csml wms
(edit) @3900   12 years domlowe test commit
(edit) @3823   12 years spascoe removed stuff added by svn due to local conflicts This line, and those …
(edit) @3822   12 years spascoe Added GetFeatureInfo? for CSMLGridSeries WMS
(edit) @3812   12 years spascoe Pilfont config option added
(edit) @3811   12 years spascoe New version number to mark the build of a new egg on superglue with Arif's …
(edit) @3787   12 years spascoe class for rendering station points
(edit) @3786   12 years spascoe
(edit) @3778   12 years spascoe Added station WMS support so far. GetFeatureInfo? implemented. A change …
(edit) @3769   12 years domlowe adding debug and cachekey code
(edit) @3761   12 years domlowe changed colormapping to work at the slab level rather than the getimage …
(edit) @3760   12 years domlowe Fix to remove any Zs from time request, and fix to add CRS:84 and WGS84 as …
(edit) @3749   12 years domlowe fix to unicode problem in multidimensional subsetting
(edit) @3745   12 years spascoe More GDAL code.
(edit) @3696   12 years spascoe Implementation of GetFeatureInfo?. Not tested yet but the interface …
(edit) @3695   12 years spascoe bug fix
(edit) @3689   12 years spascoe A quick fix to csml wms support to provide EX_GeographicBoundingBox. …
(edit) @3688   12 years spascoe A required element was being missed. This has required a change to the …
(edit) @3677   12 years spascoe Slowly improving gdal"
(edit) @3670   12 years domlowe second attempt at fixing time string
(edit) @3669   12 years domlowe fixing time units
(edit) @3634   12 years spascoe Test for GDAL support. Not completely working yet.
(edit) @3632   12 years domlowe importing cdms2 as default -try again
(edit) @3629   12 years domlowe importing cdms2 as default
(edit) @3623   12 years domlowe colourmap now in config
(edit) @3622   12 years domlowe more on wms
(edit) @3621   12 years spascoe Work in progress on GDAL warping support.
(edit) @3620   12 years domlowe csml wms working with correct bbox behaviour
(edit) @3610   12 years domlowe adding to imps
(edit) @3609   12 years domlowe adding csml implementation code (not complete)
(edit) @3608   12 years domlowe added imps implementation directory for implementations of wms interface
(edit) @3597   12 years spascoe Started a general GDAL WMS adapter.
(edit) @3596   12 years spascoe Improved WMS interface docstrings
(edit) @3573   12 years spascoe GetLegend? support
(edit) @3554   12 years spascoe Changed the way we associate a layerMapper with WMSController.
(edit) @3550   12 years spascoe
(add) @3548   12 years spascoe Added a simple data interface for WMS. This may not live in ows_common in …
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