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(edit) @2875   14 years astephen Doing it a different way - from svn_dx sub-folder on titania.
(edit) @2874   14 years astephen Cleared out so it is easier to get stuff back in.
(edit) @1942   14 years spascoe Ammendments that make "python test" fetch dependencies.
(edit) @1941   14 years spascoe Test requirements added.
(edit) @1848   14 years spascoe Script hook into the test_suite.
(edit) @1845   14 years spascoe Moved test_home creation code into the package so that it can be run when …
(edit) @1844   14 years spascoe A new test case.
(edit) @1843   14 years spascoe Moved import statements out of
(edit) @1841   14 years spascoe Moved lib/ndg to ndg.
(edit) @1840   14 years spascoe Added a module for extracting the dxs directory structure to NDG_HOME. …
(edit) @1817   14 years spascoe Test case not working (BASEDIR isn't set properly). Need to look at …
(edit) @1815   14 years spascoe Move part 2 (svn complained about doinging it in 1 step).
(edit) @1814   14 years spascoe Moving dxs.
(edit) @1813   14 years spascoe Changes to configuration. You can now test DXWSInterface by putting …
(edit) @1776   14 years spascoe Various changes, mainly to config importing. Autogenerated DXWSInterface …
(edit) @1775   14 years spascoe Updated config importing in top-level script.
(edit) @1774   14 years spascoe Changed all references to serverConfig to point to ndg.utils.config.
(edit) @1764   14 years spascoe Moved main script into package heirarchy.
(edit) @1763   14 years spascoe Converted into server.conf. Modified DXWSInterface to use …
(edit) @1762   14 years spascoe Moved scripts into package heirarchy.
(edit) @1761   14 years spascoe Modified scripts to work with entry_points.
(edit) @1760   14 years spascoe More .pyc files deleted.
(edit) @1759   14 years spascoe Removing distribution directory, backups and .pyc files
(edit) @1758   14 years spascoe Moved server stuff into the server directory. Moved all server packages …
(edit) @1757   14 years spascoe Branching to work on reorganising the source. I aim to: 1. Package with …
(edit) @1709   14 years astephen Latest titania bundle.
(edit) @1659   14 years astephen
(edit) @1658   14 years astephen
(edit) @1657   14 years astephen testing merge functionality, base dir
(edit) @1610   14 years astephen Latest live version on titania.
(edit) @1524   15 years astephen Titania installed version latest.
(edit) @1520   15 years astephen This is the live version on titania - changes have been made so safest to …
(edit) @1221   15 years astephen Glue-specific changes and secuirity integration all happened here. Needs …
(edit) @891   15 years domlowe added comments to
(edit) @834   15 years domlowe Copied CSMLDataHandler to CDMLDataHandler and added in some comments to …
(edit) @799   15 years astephen Set up stub classes for CSML to interact with.
(edit) @793   15 years astephen Put all the old code in the old_stuff branch.
(edit) @790   15 years astephen A place to put all the old versions of the DX.
(copy) @553   15 years selatham moving DataExtractor stuff to the right product directory
copied from DataExtractor/branches:
(add) @59   17 years anonymous New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
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