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(edit) @812   13 years domlowe - AbstractArrayDescriptor?.uom can now accept a UnitDefinition?
(edit) @810   13 years domlowe Resolving internal references to ArrayDescriptors? working
(edit) @809   13 years domlowe Amended GridOrdinateDescription? to accept NetCDFExtract for axisValues as …
(edit) @808   13 years domlowe Contains post-parsing operations: tidying up namespaces, resolving …
(edit) @782   13 years domlowe added code to resolve hrefs and srsName refs to real objects
(edit) @781   13 years domlowe removed extra print statements
(edit) @780   13 years domlowe Now have uniform .domain attribute instead of .profileDomain .pointDomain …
(edit) @779   13 years domlowe point series features rewritten to use parser.
(edit) @775   13 years domlowe removed print statement that was causing error
(edit) @771   13 years domlowe Scanner rewrite: GridSeriesFeatures? done
(edit) @758   13 years domlowe major rewrite of Scanner to employ Parser module. (not complete)
(edit) @750   13 years domlowe reorg of directory
(edit) @749   13 years domlowe reorg of directory
(edit) @748   13 years domlowe reorg of directory
(edit) @747   13 years domlowe reorg of directory This line, and those below, will be ignored-- D …
(edit) @746   13 years domlowe Putting parser in new directory within stable tag
(edit) @745   13 years domlowe removed as it duplicated
(edit) @744   13 years domlowe renamed 'Coapec' directory to 'Scanner'
(edit) @743   13 years domlowe Tagging v0.1 release of CSML Parser
(edit) @742   13 years domlowe Parser v0.1 commit, added comments to test docs
(edit) @718   13 years domlowe updated (some) documentation
(edit) @715   13 years domlowe fixed bug in AssociationAttributeGroup?
(edit) @714   13 years domlowe TemporalDatumBase? added TrajectoryFeature? and AbstractGeometryFeature?
(edit) @710   13 years domlowe Added support for Coordinate Reference Systems: GeographicCRS TemporalCRS …
(edit) @705   13 years domlowe Engineering Reference System, LinearCS, EngineeringDatum? classes added, …
(edit) @693   13 years domlowe latest for Andrew, no big changes since earlier
(edit) @688   13 years domlowe some fixes in light of code.
(edit) @685   14 years domlowe fixed capitalisation of classes/attributes
(edit) @684   14 years domlowe added MeasureOrNullListType?
(edit) @683   14 years domlowe - example of creating CSML from scratch using parser
(edit) @682   14 years domlowe AbstractCoordinateReferenceSystems? (and inherted hierarchy) added
(edit) @680   14 years domlowe UnitDefinition?(s), Dictionary, TimeCoordinateSystem? added
(edit) @679   14 years domlowe typo removed from url. GridSeriesDomain?/rangeset heirarchy fixed
(edit) @678   14 years domlowe GridSeriesFeatures? done
(edit) @677   14 years domlowe Phenomenon & ParameterisedPhenomenon? added, composite phenomenon to do
(edit) @672   14 years domlowe coverageFunction added, Grid Feature/Domain? part added
(edit) @671   14 years domlowe Profile feature, profile series feature added, coveragefunction not …
(edit) @658   14 years domlowe more work on rangeset
(edit) @657   14 years domlowe Point Series done, Profile series part done
(edit) @655   14 years domlowe Point Feature complete, Namespaces fixed, EnvelopeWithTimeFeature? & …
(edit) @654   14 years domlowe Feature Member done. PointFeature? mostly supported, to do: rangeSet, …
(edit) @649   14 years domlowe PointFeatures? added, but not complete
(edit) @632   14 years domlowe fixed problem with ElementTree default namespaces
(edit) @630   14 years domlowe newparser directory added
(edit) @629   14 years domlowe csmlfeatures updated to comply with new csmlbuilder
(edit) @627   14 years domlowe added csmlbuilder class to control feature build
(copy) @552   14 years selatham moving CSML stuff to the right product directory
copied from CSML:
(edit) @58   14 years domlowe final commit before switch to SVN
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