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(edit) @2894   14 years domlowe sorting bug fixed in csml time ordering
(edit) @2890   14 years domlowe getNativeCRS() method added to feature
(edit) @2863   14 years domlowe adding bounding box class which represents spatial, temporal bbox + crs
(edit) @2849   14 years domlowe fixing up strange indentation in
(edit) @2843   14 years domlowe adding stubs for hdf read methods
(edit) @2837   14 years domlowe fixing typo in raggedsectionfeature
(edit) @2817   14 years domlowe Any trajectory data outside selected bounding box is set to be missing …
(edit) @2814   14 years domlowe adding pressure crs needed for BODC trajectories
(edit) @2812   14 years domlowe Added featureType attribute to all csml features
(edit) @2807   14 years domlowe more on Trajectory
(edit) @2790   14 years domlowe adding import
(edit) @2783   14 years domlowe adding axis interrogation methods to trajectory feature
(edit) @2779   14 years domlowe handling unicode from wcs request
(edit) @2774   14 years domlowe better handling of arrays to speed up subsetting
(edit) @2767   14 years domlowe subset trajectory by times working, added some standard names support
(edit) @2766   14 years domlowe minor correction
(edit) @2765   14 years domlowe standard names classes to read local copy of standard names table
(edit) @2764   14 years domlowe making copy of trajectoryDomain allow for reuse in multiple subsets
(edit) @2761   14 years domlowe more on subsetting trajectory
(edit) @2758   14 years domlowe Changes to enable subsetting of Trajectories - not fully working but …
(edit) @2743   14 years domlowe changing fileextract type for PP files
(edit) @2741   14 years domlowe Changes to allow xlinking of timeposition lists. Changes to scanner and …
(edit) @2714   14 years selatham provenance classes
(edit) @2692   14 years domlowe try except added to sliceing code
(edit) @2684   14 years domlowe tweaks to speed up parsing
(edit) @2683   14 years domlowe parsing from elementree (parseElemTree) method added, and speeded up …
(edit) @2669   14 years selatham Added security classes
(edit) @2668   14 years domlowe added in try except
(edit) @2665   14 years domlowe used dictionary to store fileextract info that was getting read from disk …
(edit) @2661   14 years domlowe separating celementtree and elementtree imports - they may have been …
(edit) @2642   14 years lawrence Helping csml work in python 2.5 (finding celementtree :-)
(edit) @2638   14 years domlowe fixing subsetting at point, and test scripts
(edit) @2637   14 years domlowe fixing longitude vals in test script
(edit) @2633   14 years domlowe added fix to check ordering of output axes, fixes latitude reversal …
(edit) @2632   14 years domlowe Added  csml:name to CSML Schema and Parser
(edit) @2623   14 years spascoe Whoops, missed the unit test files.
(edit) @2622   14 years spascoe Adding some unit tests that were in ows_framework. See …
(edit) @2619   14 years domlowe schema name change
(edit) @2617   14 years domlowe changing elementtree imports to handle python 2.5, 2.4 + eggs
(edit) @2602   14 years domlowe getBoundingBox method added to csml.parser.Dataset
(edit) @2598   14 years domlowe nearest neighbour bug fixed
(edit) @2597   14 years domlowe fixing longitude subsetting for ddc data
(edit) @2595   14 years domlowe fixed problem with latitude reversal
(edit) @2590   14 years domlowe second attempt at fixing longitude bug
(edit) @2587   14 years domlowe fixed bug where nearest neighbour search conflicted with longitude …
(edit) @2585   14 years domlowe fixing bug with single time selection
(edit) @2584   14 years domlowe exposing getUnits methods etc
(edit) @2569   14 years domlowe fixing ID/naming issues and paths
(edit) @2568   14 years selatham added more granule classes
(edit) @2567   14 years domlowe Fixed problem with relative paths in CSML documents
(edit) @2565   14 years domlowe subset to point feature working
(edit) @2562   14 years domlowe subsetting to point basic code added
(edit) @2555   14 years mhenning indentation problem
(edit) @2550   14 years domlowe more on pointseries and qxf
(edit) @2548   14 years domlowe netcdf output of subsetted qxf point series
(edit) @2547   14 years domlowe basics of QXF subsetting working
(edit) @2546   15 years domlowe bug fixed in profile subset
(edit) @2544   15 years domlowe adding Mark's optimisation to RawFileInterface?
(edit) @2527   15 years domlowe some CRS issues resolved
(edit) @2526   15 years domlowe various fixes to profile subsetting
(edit) @2525   15 years domlowe removing redundant lines from imagefileextract
(edit) @2520   15 years domlowe fixed list bug in
(edit) @2516   15 years domlowe ImageFile? reading sped up by use of image2array method
(edit) @2513   15 years domlowe adding ImageFileExtract? to FILEFORMATS in parser
(edit) @2509   15 years mggr inverted order of dimensions for raw files (commit for mhen)
(edit) @2506   15 years mggr merged into trunk, deleting branch (for mhen)
(edit) @2505   15 years awoolf Updated UML for CSML 'Dataset' class (with optional StorageDescriptor? & …
(edit) @2504   15 years awoolf Incorporated PML changes for RawFile?, ImageFile? (with additional 'format' …
(edit) @2503   15 years awoolf Replaced Profile>OldProfile? (uses inefficient gml:MultiPoint in domain), …
(edit) @2500   15 years domlowe fix to CRS catalogue and to ops_gridseriesfeature
(edit) @2499   15 years domlowe time variable now added to netcdf file
(edit) @2498   15 years domlowe subsetting by index initially working for rawfileextracts (more testing …
(edit) @2497   15 years mggr (checking in for mhen) added ImageFileExtract?, numeric types and removed …
(edit) @2496   15 years mggr branching this file
(edit) @2495   15 years domlowe various changes/fixes etc related to getting supporting subsetting by …
(edit) @2492   15 years domlowe synching
(edit) @2473   15 years domlowe merging PML code branch with trunk
(edit) @2472   15 years domlowe fixing minor bugs in csml code discovered when testing RawFileExtract?
(edit) @2468   15 years selatham added listlevel
(edit) @2461   15 years mggr (mggr checking in for mhen and hoping not to mess up): ongoing development
(edit) @2460   15 years mggr (mggr committing for mhen): ongoing development
(edit) @2452   15 years mggr initial version of PML methods (will need testing) - mggr checking in for …
(edit) @2451   15 years mggr branching csml data interface while integrating PML read methods
(edit) @2444   15 years domlowe name change to insertedExtract
(edit) @2436   15 years selatham added dgReferenceClass
(edit) @2432   15 years domlowe removing print statement
(edit) @2431   15 years domlowe test file parsing doc from exist
(edit) @2430   15 years domlowe csml access to exist, working except for namespace issue
(edit) @2429   15 years domlowe typo fixed
(edit) @2428   15 years domlowe namespace correction
(edit) @2427   15 years domlowe added security to parser
(edit) @2426   15 years domlowe Adding security to CSML schema, also added local copy of moles schema for …
(edit) @2425   15 years domlowe Edited csmlDataset schema to make !CSMLFeatureCollection and …
(edit) @2419   15 years domlowe adding test file
(edit) @2412   15 years domlowe Tagging as stable beta.
(edit) @2409   15 years domlowe fixes to object property pattern and validation errors. last commit before …
(edit) @2405   15 years domlowe using 2d crs in profile series
(edit) @2400   15 years domlowe fixes to and associated parser fixes
(edit) @2398   15 years domlowe units use dots instead of spaces
(edit) @2396   15 years domlowe gml:name now used for variable name, gml:id becomes opaque identifer
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