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(edit) @2473   12 years domlowe merging PML code branch with trunk
(edit) @2472   12 years domlowe fixing minor bugs in csml code discovered when testing RawFileExtract?
(edit) @2468   12 years selatham added listlevel
(edit) @2461   12 years mggr (mggr checking in for mhen and hoping not to mess up): ongoing development
(edit) @2460   12 years mggr (mggr committing for mhen): ongoing development
(edit) @2452   12 years mggr initial version of PML methods (will need testing) - mggr checking in for …
(edit) @2451   12 years mggr branching csml data interface while integrating PML read methods
(edit) @2444   12 years domlowe name change to insertedExtract
(edit) @2436   12 years selatham added dgReferenceClass
(edit) @2432   12 years domlowe removing print statement
(edit) @2431   12 years domlowe test file parsing doc from exist
(edit) @2430   12 years domlowe csml access to exist, working except for namespace issue
(edit) @2429   12 years domlowe typo fixed
(edit) @2428   12 years domlowe namespace correction
(edit) @2427   12 years domlowe added security to parser
(edit) @2426   12 years domlowe Adding security to CSML schema, also added local copy of moles schema for …
(edit) @2425   12 years domlowe Edited csmlDataset schema to make !CSMLFeatureCollection and …
(edit) @2419   12 years domlowe adding test file
(edit) @2412   13 years domlowe Tagging as stable beta.
(edit) @2409   13 years domlowe fixes to object property pattern and validation errors. last commit before …
(edit) @2405   13 years domlowe using 2d crs in profile series
(edit) @2400   13 years domlowe fixes to and associated parser fixes
(edit) @2398   13 years domlowe units use dots instead of spaces
(edit) @2396   13 years domlowe gml:name now used for variable name, gml:id becomes opaque identifer
(edit) @2395   13 years domlowe calendering now does not rely on "days since" etc.
(edit) @2393   13 years domlowe merging changes to ops_Gridseriesfeature
(edit) @2389   13 years domlowe valid output from gridseries subset
(edit) @2388   13 years selatham added obs station deployment class
(edit) @2387   13 years domlowe storage descriptor separated from feature collection
(edit) @2385   13 years domlowe various fixes to subsetting output
(edit) @2382   13 years domlowe fixed FileList? class #2
(edit) @2381   13 years domlowe fixed FileList? class
(edit) @2377   13 years domlowe fixed Xlinking in SpatialOrTemporalLists? fixed uom attribute
(edit) @2362   13 years domlowe correct handling of xlinks in domain
(edit) @2361   13 years domlowe more on calendars etc
(edit) @2359   13 years domlowe resolving conflicted state of
(edit) @2357   13 years domlowe Times now formatted correctly
(edit) @2356   13 years domlowe fixing SpatialOrTemporalList?
(edit) @2349   13 years domlowe more validation related fixes
(edit) @2348   13 years domlowe various fixes related to schema validation
(edit) @2343   13 years domlowe ordering code actually working properly now
(edit) @2342   13 years domlowe removing test.xml file from svn
(edit) @2341   13 years domlowe Correct ordering of csml elements in parser
(edit) @2337   13 years awoolf Replaced multiple imports with includes. See note at end of …
(edit) @2336   13 years awoolf Removed incorrect dependencies on GML in storage descriptor schemas - …
(edit) @2328   13 years domlowe mandatory gml:ids added
(edit) @2327   13 years domlowe featureMember namespace corrected
(edit) @2326   13 years domlowe fixed beginPosition and endPosition in envelope
(edit) @2325   13 years domlowe fixed schemalocation, datasetid, CMSLfeaturecollection in scanner
(edit) @2320   13 years domlowe crs code working fully
(edit) @2318   13 years domlowe last commit contained unfinished python statement
(edit) @2317   13 years domlowe correcting typo
(edit) @2316   13 years domlowe pseudo crs code, used when cannot determine obvious crs for feature
(edit) @2313   13 years domlowe removing comment
(edit) @2312   13 years domlowe adding code to for handling unidentified coordinate axis …
(edit) @2311   13 years awoolf
(edit) @2310   13 years awoolf ProfileFeature? corrected to have GM_MultiPoint (rather than GM_PointArray) …
(edit) @2309   13 years awoolf Added new implementation of ProfileFeature?, providing an efficient …
(edit) @2308   13 years awoolf Included README file.
(edit) @2307   13 years awoolf Added real ProfileFeature? examples (from WOCE v3 dataset).
(edit) @2305   13 years domlowe subsetting to point series working
(edit) @2304   13 years domlowe subsettign gridseries to pointseries code
(edit) @2303   13 years domlowe experimental postgres access code added to svn
(edit) @2294   13 years domlowe subset grid series to profile method added
(edit) @2290   13 years domlowe subset ProfileSeries to Profile, netcdf working
(edit) @2288   13 years domlowe subsetting grid to profileseries to profile 99 percent working..
(edit) @2282   13 years domlowe resolved problem with mismatched axis/grid names
(edit) @2277   13 years selatham added obs station classes
(edit) @2275   13 years domlowe unravelled grid/axis name confusion
(edit) @2272   13 years selatham added classes
(edit) @2255   13 years spascoe Merging CSML-egged branch into trunk.
(edit) @2254   13 years spascoe Reversing previous move. Unbranching in the wrong way so it didn't work.
(edit) @2253   13 years spascoe Moving egged branch to the trunk.
(edit) @2246   13 years spascoe Reverting trunk back to @2225 to remove egg modifications.
(edit) @2245   13 years spascoe I was mistakenly working on the trunk rather than a branch. Merging the …
(edit) @2244   13 years spascoe Moved stuff that doesn't belong in the package heirarchy. Added basic …
(edit) @2243   13 years spascoe Moving stuff that probably shouldn't be in the package heirarchy up a …
(edit) @2242   13 years spascoe Branching to experiment with putting the CSML code into an egg.
(edit) @2225   13 years domlowe more on profile features
(edit) @2224   13 years domlowe subsetting ProfileSeries? to Profile working more or less
(edit) @2222   13 years domlowe fixed bug with duplicate files appearing in onetoseveral mapping
(edit) @2221   13 years domlowe removing print statements
(edit) @2220   13 years domlowe workaround for masked array bug
(edit) @2218   13 years domlowe error msgs
(edit) @2217   13 years domlowe online v2 parser code working
(edit) @2216   13 years domlowe fixed bug with axis ordering
(edit) @2215   13 years domlowe adding online parser to svn
(edit) @2212   13 years domlowe bounding box working for profileseries
(edit) @2211   13 years domlowe location attribute now working in subsetToProfileSeries
(edit) @2210   13 years domlowe parameter added to subsetted feature, plus general tidying and removal of …
(edit) @2209   13 years domlowe removing rogue print statements
(edit) @2208   13 years domlowe fixes to do with arrays/lists/nearestneighbours
(edit) @2207   13 years domlowe subsetToProfileSeries working, but not fully complete
(edit) @2206   13 years domlowe nearest neighbour working for times, plus separation of subsetting into …
(edit) @2205   13 years domlowe various fixes all to do with grid names/crs names
(edit) @2204   13 years domlowe resolving conflicts
(edit) @2202   13 years lawrence Adding tilecache to the "interesting" OGC services already implemented in …
(edit) @2199   13 years lawrence Adding beginning of engineering model of code required for CSML services.
(edit) @2198   13 years domlowe Added new crs (xyh) and integrated into ProfileSeries? code
(edit) @2196   13 years domlowe ProfileSeriesFeature? mostly working in scanner - location attribute needs …
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