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(edit) @2307   13 years awoolf Added real ProfileFeature? examples (from WOCE v3 dataset).
(edit) @2305   13 years domlowe subsetting to point series working
(edit) @2304   13 years domlowe subsettign gridseries to pointseries code
(edit) @2303   13 years domlowe experimental postgres access code added to svn
(edit) @2294   13 years domlowe subset grid series to profile method added
(edit) @2290   13 years domlowe subset ProfileSeries to Profile, netcdf working
(edit) @2288   13 years domlowe subsetting grid to profileseries to profile 99 percent working..
(edit) @2282   13 years domlowe resolved problem with mismatched axis/grid names
(edit) @2277   13 years selatham added obs station classes
(edit) @2275   13 years domlowe unravelled grid/axis name confusion
(edit) @2272   13 years selatham added classes
(edit) @2255   13 years spascoe Merging CSML-egged branch into trunk.
(edit) @2254   13 years spascoe Reversing previous move. Unbranching in the wrong way so it didn't work.
(edit) @2253   13 years spascoe Moving egged branch to the trunk.
(edit) @2246   13 years spascoe Reverting trunk back to @2225 to remove egg modifications.
(edit) @2245   13 years spascoe I was mistakenly working on the trunk rather than a branch. Merging the …
(edit) @2244   13 years spascoe Moved stuff that doesn't belong in the package heirarchy. Added basic …
(edit) @2243   13 years spascoe Moving stuff that probably shouldn't be in the package heirarchy up a …
(edit) @2242   13 years spascoe Branching to experiment with putting the CSML code into an egg.
(edit) @2225   13 years domlowe more on profile features
(edit) @2224   13 years domlowe subsetting ProfileSeries? to Profile working more or less
(edit) @2222   13 years domlowe fixed bug with duplicate files appearing in onetoseveral mapping
(edit) @2221   13 years domlowe removing print statements
(edit) @2220   13 years domlowe workaround for masked array bug
(edit) @2218   13 years domlowe error msgs
(edit) @2217   13 years domlowe online v2 parser code working
(edit) @2216   13 years domlowe fixed bug with axis ordering
(edit) @2215   13 years domlowe adding online parser to svn
(edit) @2212   13 years domlowe bounding box working for profileseries
(edit) @2211   13 years domlowe location attribute now working in subsetToProfileSeries
(edit) @2210   13 years domlowe parameter added to subsetted feature, plus general tidying and removal of …
(edit) @2209   13 years domlowe removing rogue print statements
(edit) @2208   13 years domlowe fixes to do with arrays/lists/nearestneighbours
(edit) @2207   13 years domlowe subsetToProfileSeries working, but not fully complete
(edit) @2206   13 years domlowe nearest neighbour working for times, plus separation of subsetting into …
(edit) @2205   13 years domlowe various fixes all to do with grid names/crs names
(edit) @2204   13 years domlowe resolving conflicts
(edit) @2202   13 years lawrence Adding tilecache to the "interesting" OGC services already implemented in …
(edit) @2199   13 years lawrence Adding beginning of engineering model of code required for CSML services.
(edit) @2198   13 years domlowe Added new crs (xyh) and integrated into ProfileSeries? code
(edit) @2196   13 years domlowe ProfileSeriesFeature? mostly working in scanner - location attribute needs …
(edit) @2195   13 years lawrence This is Andrew's TPAC WCS server cut into pieces for understanding. The …
(edit) @2194   13 years lawrence Adding various specs and 3rd party code of interest for the CSML services …
(edit) @2193   13 years selatham added classes.
(edit) @2191   13 years domlowe removing profiling
(edit) @2190   13 years domlowe sketching out profile series, commiting to avoid clash
(edit) @2188   13 years selatham added more classes.
(edit) @2187   13 years selatham added classes for activities.
(edit) @2183   13 years domlowe Fixed molesreadwrite to allow multiple simple elements - eg addresslines
(edit) @2180   13 years domlowe fix for dgDataSetType nameclash
(edit) @2177   13 years domlowe rolling back UML model, did not mean to edit it
(edit) @2176   13 years domlowe Numeric.array is now the standard data container
(edit) @2169   13 years domlowe added main() method to that lists sschema object model
(edit) @2168   13 years domlowe updated for version 2 schema, also some slight changes to …
(edit) @2167   13 years domlowe added EnvelopeAggregator? class and code to create an …
(edit) @2166   13 years selatham added classes
(edit) @2160   13 years domlowe removing rogue sys.exit()
(edit) @2159   13 years domlowe getUom() method added to GridSeriesFeature?
(edit) @2156   13 years domlowe minor bug introduced and fixed
(edit) @2155   13 years domlowe Nudge to nearest neighbour function added to enable approximate requests …
(edit) @2152   13 years domlowe Moles readwrite nesting problem fixed
(edit) @2149   13 years domlowe making selection more robust
(edit) @2144   13 years domlowe more fixes to do with various subsetting options
(edit) @2141   13 years domlowe can select zero, single or range of times
(edit) @2133   13 years domlowe Added new XML schema handling class to MOLES parser. The old class is …
(edit) @2129   13 years selatham added more classes.
(edit) @2128   13 years domlowe fixed problems with longitude subsetting
(edit) @2126   13 years domlowe changing paths in config files
(edit) @2125   13 years domlowe rearranging directories/files more
(edit) @2124   13 years domlowe rearranging directories/files
(edit) @2123   13 years domlowe adding DDC testfiles to SVN (to be removed later)
(edit) @2122   13 years domlowe Last commit should have read onetoseveral not onetomany
(edit) @2121   13 years domlowe New featurefilemap pattern onetomany, tested on DDC data
(edit) @2112   13 years domlowe units and missing values now working properly in subsetgridseries
(edit) @2111   13 years selatham added class abstract.
(edit) @2105   13 years domlowe Parser changes -  csml:id for Dataset, TimeSeriesDomain? to TimeSeries?, plus …
(edit) @2103   13 years awoolf Updated instance examples for schema changes
(edit) @2102   13 years awoolf Added phenom dict to Feature Collection, changed TimeSeriesDomain? to …
(edit) @2101   13 years awoolf New superwrapper schema
(edit) @2100   13 years awoolf Minor visual changes, added phenomenon dictionary to feature collection.
(edit) @2099   13 years awoolf Initial CSML v2 documentation
(edit) @2095   13 years domlowe more bug fixing/tidying in subsetting code
(edit) @2091   13 years domlowe making coordinate reference systems and netcdf output CF compliant
(edit) @2084   13 years domlowe more restructuring of subsetting code
(edit) @2083   13 years domlowe much of the generic subsetting code moved out of ops_gridseries into …
(edit) @2082   13 years selatham removed debug prints.
(edit) @2081   13 years domlowe subsetting seems to be working, but needs more testing and tidying of code
(edit) @2078   13 years domlowe subsetting working, but not complete
(edit) @2075   13 years domlowe recursion handled better in schema checking
(edit) @2074   13 years domlowe fixed namespace bug in moles parser
(edit) @2073   13 years domlowe more subsetting code
(edit) @2071   13 years domlowe added EnvelopeWithTimePeriod?, also, more on subsetting
(edit) @2069   13 years awoolf Made  csml:FeatureCollectionType correctly extend gml:AbstractFeatureType.
(edit) @2068   13 years awoolf Updated TimeSeriesDomain?.time to timePositionList for consistency.
(edit) @2065   13 years selatham added classes. Put some things to ignore.
(edit) @2062   13 years domlowe more on subsetting
(edit) @2061   13 years domlowe lots of changes to do with subsetting
(edit) @2060   13 years domlowe default calendar attribute added, repitition in fileList removed, …
(edit) @2059   13 years domlowe xlinks in rangeSet also resolve to insertedElement.
(edit) @2057   13 years domlowe xlinks in domain resolve to insertedElement.
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