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(edit) @4043   13 years domlowe added PDF version of csml user manual
(edit) @4042   13 years domlowe strings may be encountered when reading inline data - map to floats before …
(edit) @4041   13 years domlowe updating parse call to simple version
(edit) @4040   13 years domlowe replacing missing import
(edit) @4039   13 years domlowe deleting rogue c character
(edit) @4036   13 years cbyrom Extend the molesReadWrite toXML() method to allow suppression of namespace …
(edit) @4034   13 years cbyrom Fix PrettyPrint? to cast elem data as string, before attempting to call …
(edit) @4033   13 years domlowe Global attribtues now preserved except when they are data dependent CF …
(edit) @4030   13 years domlowe added code to preserve CF projection variables and subset them accordingly
(edit) @4028   13 years cbyrom Fix bugs in DPTGenerator: - use dgDPTRoles instead of dgDPTRole - to map …
(edit) @4019   13 years domlowe more changes to allow preservation of netcdf attributes. Not complete, but …
(edit) @4018   13 years domlowe initialise projectionvariables outside loop
(edit) @4017   13 years domlowe added code to assist in preservation of CF (and other) attributes. Not …
(edit) @4006   13 years domlowe adding lambert projection to crs catalog
(edit) @4003   13 years cbyrom Adding backslash to schemaLocation - to allow CSML files output from …
(edit) @3953   13 years domlowe set missing_value attribute as _FillValue not set properly by cdms
(edit) @3949   13 years domlowe python datetime does not handle year 0000, so replacing with calls to …
(edit) @3917   13 years domlowe fixed bug in Bounding Box aggregator code
(edit) @3911   13 years cbyrom Add escape to code to avoid abstractText element being created twice - NB, …
(edit) @3898   13 years domlowe test commit
(edit) @3891   13 years domlowe fixed bug where longitude requests were not always working as expected
(edit) @3867   13 years domlowe Test commit from subclipse
(edit) @3866   13 years cbyrom Replace [:] shorthand with explicit call to getchildren() - since the …
(edit) @3856   13 years domlowe Adding security options back in to scanner
(edit) @3825   13 years domlowe adding SRSReferenceGroup to csString, to allow georeferencing of otherwise …
(edit) @3776   13 years domlowe added new crs definition to catalogue and also exception raised when …
(edit) @3704   13 years domlowe Added Ag's file cache code to DataInterface?. The Data Interface is read …
(edit) @3683   14 years domlowe changing version number in script.
(edit) @3680   14 years domlowe Moving CDMS2 branch to trunk
(edit) @3679   14 years domlowe Tagging revision 3626 as stable-TI02-CSML-v2.1-Beta_CDMS1. All future CSML …
(edit) @3626   14 years domlowe updated test script
(edit) @3599   14 years domlowe added .twoD attribute to CRS sytems in catalogue - returns 2D element of …
(edit) @3584   14 years domlowe fixed bug that was caused by sorting axes list unintentionally #2
(edit) @3583   14 years domlowe fixed bug that was caused by sorting axes list unintentionally
(edit) @3579   14 years domlowe handling missing units of measure
(edit) @3530   14 years domlowe fixed two small bugs in pointseries subsetting code
(edit) @3296   14 years domlowe fixing example parser and point series subsetting of inline content
(edit) @3295   14 years domlowe Added optional file keyword to Dataset init method. Added …
(edit) @3294   14 years domlowe updating
(edit) @3288   14 years domlowe more tidying of scanner
(edit) @3286   14 years domlowe overhaul of scanning command args
(edit) @3283   14 years domlowe VirtualDirectoryTree added to enable arbitrary collections of files to be …
(edit) @3282   14 years domlowe Feature file maps now operate on a directory tree instance rather than a …
(edit) @3279   14 years domlowe docstrings
(edit) @3277   14 years domlowe more doctrings and fixing indentation
(edit) @3271   14 years domlowe More docstrings
(edit) @3267   14 years domlowe Documenting CSML code - not complete
(edit) @3262   14 years domlowe nicer exception
(edit) @3242   14 years domlowe minor fix to bounding box code
(edit) @3241   14 years domlowe no security by default
(edit) @3240   14 years domlowe security info now added to csmldocs during scanning
(edit) @3239   14 years domlowe resolving conflict with - fixing config parser error handling
(edit) @3238   14 years spascoe This was a bug that caused the exception not to be caught. "except A, B:" …
(edit) @3226   14 years domlowe getCRS now only takes on argument - changed call in …
(edit) @3222   14 years domlowe bug fix to get ordering of crs axes right
(edit) @3221   14 years domlowe rewriting of code that determines CRS system
(edit) @3206   14 years selatham make clementtree imports more robust
(edit) @3144   14 years domlowe fixed bounding box aggregation code
(edit) @3131   14 years domlowe individual bounding boxes extended to edge of grid cells - not done yet …
(edit) @3117   14 years domlowe removing redundant print statements
(edit) @3116   14 years domlowe trajectory test working
(edit) @3112   14 years domlowe adding trajectory doctest
(edit) @3099   14 years domlowe pointseries test
(edit) @3098   14 years domlowe adding test directories
(edit) @3097   14 years domlowe replaced cgi.escape with Bryan/Alan?'s escaping class that handles double …
(edit) @3096   14 years domlowe subsetting of profileseries, pointseries retested and fixed
(edit) @3089   14 years domlowe fixed double escaping bug
(edit) @3072   14 years domlowe finally resolved time subsetting bug
(edit) @3068   14 years domlowe fixed subsetting bug when handling times, and also removed dependence on …
(edit) @3067   14 years domlowe Corrected spelling of library
(edit) @3066   14 years domlowe Nicer error messages when imports fail
(edit) @3065   14 years domlowe added ability to filter out low dimension variables in scanner. Added some …
(edit) @3058   14 years domlowe breaking up crs code into more manageable chunks
(edit) @3055   14 years domlowe correct url for cf converions
(edit) @3051   14 years domlowe removing print
(edit) @3050   14 years domlowe handling standard name in phenomenon
(edit) @3049   14 years domlowe 2 minor bugs relating to cf output
(edit) @3046   14 years domlowe added uomlabels attribute to profile feature
(edit) @3045   14 years domlowe crs object now carries units of underlying data by default, carried …
(edit) @3043   14 years domlowe more sensible error returned when file permissions or paths not set.
(edit) @3042   14 years domlowe valid ragged section csml output after subsetting
(edit) @3039   14 years domlowe ragged section output uses profile dimension
(edit) @3033   14 years domlowe standard name carried through to csml phenomenon
(edit) @3022   14 years domlowe pointseries subsetting workign in WCS, ragged section part working
(edit) @3013   14 years domlowe ragged section methods - under development
(edit) @3006   14 years domlowe bug in filename aggregation fixed
(edit) @3003   14 years domlowe moving comment
(edit) @3002   14 years domlowe added check to see if string is file path or string of xml
(edit) @2979   14 years domlowe moved getCSMLBoundingBox to AbstractFeature, and added getNativeCRS …
(edit) @2974   14 years domlowe removed some unused lines
(edit) @2947   14 years domlowe non-important changes but synchronising with svn
(edit) @2913   14 years domlowe removing print statements
(edit) @2908   14 years domlowe deleting test code.…
(edit) @2907   14 years domlowe Bounding boxes now correctly determined by scanner
(edit) @2904   14 years domlowe Improved CRS support. Not complete
(edit) @2901   14 years domlowe added option to pass dataset ID to csml scanner; use config option of …
(edit) @2898   14 years domlowe fix to feature.getCSMLBoundingBox() method
(edit) @2894   14 years domlowe sorting bug fixed in csml time ordering
(edit) @2890   14 years domlowe getNativeCRS() method added to feature
(edit) @2863   14 years domlowe adding bounding box class which represents spatial, temporal bbox + crs
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