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(edit) @2048   13 years domlowe adding subdirectories
(edit) @2047   13 years domlowe added Examples directory for sample parsing code
(edit) @2040   13 years domlowe more on xlinks in the domain
(edit) @2038   13 years domlowe support for resolving FileList? Xlinks.
(edit) @2037   13 years domlowe moving listify function to
(edit) @2034   13 years domlowe support for fileList and xlink when creating csml
(edit) @2032   13 years domlowe adding back
(edit) @2031   13 years domlowe xlink now working in rangeset. removed
(edit) @2030   13 years domlowe storage descriptor code working in scanner
(edit) @2029   13 years domlowe adding and related xlink code
(edit) @2027   13 years domlowe unjumbled createGridSeriesFeature method into several reuseable methods
(edit) @2025   13 years domlowe support for ValueArray and xlink attributes in rangeSet
(edit) @2024   13 years domlowe parser supports reading featureMembers and featureMember - but only …
(edit) @2023   13 years domlowe oops, commit properly this time- Wrapped classes working generally. Still …
(edit) @2022   13 years domlowe Wrapped classes working generally. Still to fix descriptors/members
(edit) @2021   13 years domlowe Wrapped CSMLFeatureCollection and CSMLStorageDescriptor Documents in a …
(edit) @2016   13 years domlowe Fixing bug - use cdms id instead of name
(edit) @2015   13 years domlowe addition of random ids, changes related to xlink and rangeset
(edit) @2011   13 years domlowe test added to check randomness or random id generator
(edit) @2010   13 years domlowe random ID generator for internal ids in a CSML document
(edit) @2004   13 years domlowe support for setting XLINK attributes without having to use namespace
(edit) @2003   13 years domlowe aggregatedArray created outside of rangeSet
(edit) @2001   13 years domlowe several changes made to enable proper use of CRS
(edit) @2000   13 years domlowe fixed axislabel attribute and printscreen option.
(edit) @1993   13 years domlowe removing print statements
(edit) @1992   13 years domlowe Attempt to fix problem with bounding box, but this may break other things …
(edit) @1986   14 years awoolf CSML storage descriptor example for COAPEC data, referenced by …
(edit) @1985   14 years awoolf New 'wrapped' CSML example, using CSMLFeatureCollection root element, also …
(edit) @1984   14 years awoolf Added root CSMLFeatureCollection element (as per updated UML model, and …
(edit) @1983   14 years awoolf Added top-level CSMLStorgeDescriptor type and element, to form root of …
(edit) @1982   14 years awoolf (1) Modified SpatialOrTmporalPositionList? (to enable identity and …
(edit) @1981   14 years domlowe more on Referenceable Grid
(edit) @1980   14 years domlowe fixing attributes of ReferenceableGrid?
(edit) @1979   14 years domlowe removing obsolete axisList class
(edit) @1978   14 years domlowe axis order relationship working
(edit) @1974   14 years domlowe improved determineCRS method
(edit) @1972   14 years domlowe changed getCRS to determineCRS, now getCRS gets a known CRSystem object by …
(edit) @1969   14 years domlowe crs idenfication tests real model data #2
(edit) @1968   14 years domlowe crs idenfication tests real model data
(edit) @1966   14 years domlowe CRS classes refined
(edit) @1965   14 years domlowe outline of CRS catalogue class
(edit) @1963   14 years awoolf Potentially want identity for  csml:SpatialOrTemporalPositionList.
(edit) @1961   14 years awoolf Update CSML storage descriptor for multiple files, and CSML instance for …
(edit) @1960   14 years awoolf Update CSML storage descriptor for multiple files, and CSML instance for …
(edit) @1956   14 years domlowe added stub methods to AbstractDI class
(edit) @1952   14 years domlowe added - simple round trip parser test
(edit) @1951   14 years domlowe adding version of CSML instance document wrapped with Dataset, …
(edit) @1950   14 years awoolf CSML instance example first cut
(edit) @1943   14 years awoolf Oxygen error fixes
(edit) @1939   14 years domlowe handling of longitude requests taken out of main module
(edit) @1938   14 years domlowe added module to hold utility functions eg listify
(edit) @1937   14 years domlowe synching with repository before downloading
(edit) @1936   14 years awoolf Attempt to fix some oxygen validation errors (doesn't change any content)
(edit) @1935   14 years awoolf Created UML directory for new trunk, and moved v2 EAP from CSML v1 tagged …
(edit) @1932   14 years domlowe changes to !subsetGridSeries
(edit) @1929   14 years domlowe added !getData method to GridSeriesFeature (works for inline data only at …
(edit) @1923   14 years domlowe removing binary files
(edit) @1922   14 years domlowe removing rogue print statements
(edit) @1921   14 years domlowe overriddent setattr and getattribute special methods in csElement …
(edit) @1919   14 years domlowe renaming directory cpc to gridseries
(edit) @1918   14 years domlowe adding files needed for testing
(edit) @1915   14 years selatham added dgDataCoverage class
(edit) @1914   14 years domlowe adding the csml2Moles code back in to the CSML trunk
(edit) @1913   14 years domlowe deleting duplicates from trunk folder
(edit) @1912   14 years domlowe copying all files to csml directory
(edit) @1911   14 years domlowe adding csml root directory that got lost
(edit) @1909   14 years domlowe Moving CSML v2 branch to trunk
(add) @1908   14 years domlowe reinstating empty trunk
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