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(edit) @2506   15 years mggr merged into trunk, deleting branch (for mhen)
(edit) @2497   15 years mggr (checking in for mhen) added ImageFileExtract?, numeric types and removed …
(edit) @2496   15 years mggr branching this file
(edit) @2472   15 years domlowe fixing minor bugs in csml code discovered when testing RawFileExtract?
(edit) @2461   15 years mggr (mggr checking in for mhen and hoping not to mess up): ongoing development
(edit) @2460   15 years mggr (mggr committing for mhen): ongoing development
(edit) @2452   15 years mggr initial version of PML methods (will need testing) - mggr checking in for …
(edit) @2451   15 years mggr branching csml data interface while integrating PML read methods
(edit) @2254   15 years spascoe Reversing previous move. Unbranching in the wrong way so it didn't work.
(edit) @2253   15 years spascoe Moving egged branch to the trunk.
(edit) @2245   15 years spascoe I was mistakenly working on the trunk rather than a branch. Merging the …
(edit) @2242   15 years spascoe Branching to experiment with putting the CSML code into an egg.
(edit) @2014   15 years domlowe changed cdms id to name, temporarily fixed commas in data string
(edit) @2013   15 years spascoe Branching from the v1.0x tag for bug-fixes associated with use of CSML in …
(edit) @1910   15 years domlowe removing copy of v1 parser, not needed
(edit) @1909   15 years domlowe Moving CSML v2 branch to trunk
(edit) @1906   15 years awoolf Sync commit before svn restructure for csml2…
(edit) @1902   15 years domlowe beginning to refactor API module
(edit) @1901   15 years domlowe adding test file
(edit) @1900   15 years domlowe more on !referenceableGrid
(edit) @1899   15 years domlowe parameter, and AggregatedArray? implemented in scanner. Also changes to …
(edit) @1897   15 years domlowe added coverage function to scanner
(edit) @1896   15 years domlowe more changes to Scanner and Parser, while getting GridSeries? feature to …
(edit) @1894   15 years domlowe more on ReferenceableGrid
(edit) @1892   15 years domlowe added gml:GridEnvelope class
(edit) @1890   15 years domlowe added addChildElem method to csElement class
(edit) @1887   15 years domlowe Initial changes to scanner to use csml 2 featuretypes. Very basic outline …
(edit) @1885   15 years domlowe adding test netcdf files and config file
(edit) @1884   15 years domlowe adding empty testfiles directory
(edit) @1883   15 years domlowe new parser named
(edit) @1882   15 years domlowe renaming old parser
(edit) @1878   15 years domlowe added !Trajectory feature
(edit) @1877   15 years domlowe added ScanningRadar Feature
(edit) @1876   15 years domlowe added Section feature
(edit) @1875   15 years domlowe added Section feature
(edit) @1874   15 years domlowe added RaggedProfileSeries feature
(edit) @1873   15 years domlowe added ProfileSeries feature
(edit) @1867   15 years domlowe added ProfileCoverage
(edit) @1864   15 years domlowe added PointSeriesCoverage and TimeSeriesDomain
(edit) @1863   15 years domlowe GridSeries Feature and coverage added
(edit) @1862   15 years domlowe added AlternatePointFeature and fixed Point Feature
(edit) @1846   15 years domlowe classes for all features added (not yet done coverages for all features)
(edit) @1842   15 years domlowe ReferenceableGrid and associated classes added
(edit) @1839   15 years domlowe RangeSet, CoverageFunction, AggregatedArray, Envelope, …
(edit) @1836   15 years domlowe renaming old sax parser directory to avoid confusion
(edit) @1835   15 years domlowe removing branches/csml as just contains duplicate schemas etc
(edit) @1834   15 years domlowe PointFeature? added
(edit) @1833   15 years domlowe fixed error with featureMembers
(edit) @1831   15 years domlowe rewrite of from and to xml methods in csElement class to make them more …
(edit) @1823   15 years domlowe FileExtract/ArrayDescriptor? fixed
(edit) @1810   15 years domlowe main patterns working for parsing referenceableGridCovereage in csml v2 …
(edit) @1756   15 years domlowe more changes to ReferencableGridCoverage - commiting at convenient point
(edit) @1746   15 years domlowe deleting old comment
(edit) @1745   15 years domlowe ReferencableGridCoverage? part implemented
(edit) @1742   15 years domlowe collections of features working
(edit) @1739   15 years domlowe implemented some sort of substitution for AbstractFeature?
(edit) @1738   15 years domlowe commenting out and fixing v1 imports
(edit) @1737   15 years domlowe namespace tinkering
(edit) @1736   15 years domlowe namespace support working better #2
(edit) @1735   15 years domlowe removed self.NAMESPACE and moved ownership of namespace to individual …
(edit) @1734   15 years domlowe attributes handled better, without need to remove uri
(edit) @1733   15 years awoolf Sanity check of schemas with minor corrections, mods to UML.
(edit) @1732   15 years domlowe basic attribute support
(edit) @1728   15 years awoolf Hack of SWE to import GML 3.2 rather than 3.1.1 in order to avoid CSML …
(edit) @1723   15 years domlowe this is the proof of concept, the last one was just the test.xml file
(edit) @1722   15 years domlowe proof of concept for CSML v2 parser, baseclass now does all the from/to …
(edit) @1710   15 years awoolf Initial draft schemas complete, UML modelling changes to {Ragged}Section, …
(edit) @1700   15 years awoolf Slight mods arising from OGC 06-160 GML CR on ReferenceableGrid?.
(edit) @1698   15 years awoolf CSML2: * UML updated for {PointSeries?,Trajectory}Coverage to <<implement>> …
(edit) @1697   15 years domlowe Added instance document for GridFeature?
(edit) @1693   15 years awoolf Updated UML for CSML v2, and initial draft schema (includes Grid feature).
(edit) @1686   15 years domlowe identifying code that needs changing for csml v2 and putting stubs in …
(edit) @1679   15 years domlowe Adding branch as temporary repository for CSML version 2 rewrite (will …
(copy) @552   16 years selatham moving CSML stuff to the right product directory
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