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(edit) @1418   13 years mpritcha Corrected basedir attribute of jar action within target="dist" to ensure …
(edit) @1365   13 years selatham tagging Discovery ingestAutomation for ALPHA
(edit) @1293   13 years hearnsha NumSim description of Higem Control
(edit) @1292   13 years hearnsha renderNumSim is unchanged, renderNumSim_oldET uses old element tree syntax
(edit) @1291   13 years hearnsha corrected path to xlinks.xsd (line 10)
(edit) @1260   13 years selatham tweaked nocs config file
(edit) @1255   13 years selatham setting up nocs config file
(edit) @1214   13 years hearnsha Completed Sea Ice description for Higem NumSim
(edit) @1172   13 years selatham fixing bug in directory tidying
(edit) @1169   13 years hearnsha First draft of ocean NumSIM
(edit) @1149   13 years hearnsha Updated with friday afternoon changes
(edit) @1126   13 years selatham more stuff for mass file handling
(edit) @1121   13 years selatham bug fix in copying to backup directories
(edit) @1118   13 years lawrence Some slight modifications to render Charlotte's numsim docs …
(edit) @1108   13 years hearnsha NMM Model for higem displayed as an html table created using xslt. We can …
(edit) @1089   13 years hearnsha Created numsim record of Higem Atmosphere.
(edit) @1088   13 years hearnsha added references to atmosphere component
(edit) @1076   13 years selatham putting in pwd protection
(edit) @1066   13 years selatham needs to cope with large numbers of files
(edit) @1054   13 years hearnsha Validated NMMModel_higem.xml
(edit) @1046   13 years selatham config file for wdcc data centre
(edit) @1045   13 years selatham setting up wdcc data centre stuff
(edit) @1044   13 years hearnsha Katherine Boutons xslt file for creating an html document from NMMModel …
(edit) @1043   13 years hearnsha Corrected NMMModel but for removal of long names
(edit) @1031   13 years hearnsha Automated NMM Model for HadGEM v6.1
(edit) @1030   13 years hearnsha Part of the higem NMM Model corrected by Katherine Bouton.
(edit) @990   13 years hearnsha updated veg ancillary files
(edit) @985   13 years hearnsha Completed all science sections for NMM description of higem `climatology'
(edit) @962   13 years selatham typing error in options
(edit) @960   13 years hearnsha Completed NMM Model for Atmosphere, Done upto Vertical Diffusion for NMM …
(edit) @958   13 years selatham securing the discovery config file
(edit) @956   13 years selatham securing the exist backup script
(edit) @951   13 years pjkersha Added explicit types in DiscoveryWStypes to try to get working - no …
(edit) @933   13 years lawrence Further refactoring of DiscoveryWS in python. All the methods are there …
(edit) @932   13 years lawrence Refactored discovery web service into a class, and at least the search …
(edit) @922   13 years hearnsha Need to complete Aerosols Scheme in Codebase!
(edit) @916   13 years root correct spelling
(edit) @913   13 years hearnsha Completed ocean codebase.
(edit) @912   13 years lawrence First tranch of modifications following Exeter Metadata Meeting
(edit) @909   13 years root Had to put the -p option in the exist backup now
(edit) @906   13 years hearnsha Done carbon cycle, chemical tracers and straits
(edit) @894   13 years hearnsha Done upto end sea ice dynamics (3/4 of the ocean codebase parameters)
(edit) @893   13 years hearnsha bottom boundary
(edit) @892   13 years hearnsha Mid way through ocean codebase document.
(edit) @887   13 years lawrence Candidate NumSimV007 (includes schema split to support model+deployment, …
(edit) @885   13 years lawrence woops, getting the right css for numsim testing added …
(edit) @884   13 years lawrence More complete html-isation of numsim …
(edit) @876   13 years lawrence Update the NumSim example to conform with the current schema. Python code …
(edit) @874   13 years hearnsha Put atmos parameters in umui order. now start ocean.
(edit) @873   13 years pjkersha ZSI 1.6.0 with patch to allow handling of 'string' type in …
(edit) @872   13 years lawrence Some slight renaming and moving of material to make clearer what is what.
(edit) @871   13 years hearnsha Done all atmospheric component parameters!! 4947 lines.
(edit) @867   13 years hearnsha Done up to line 3887 in Diffusion and Filtering
(edit) @865   13 years hearnsha Done up to line 2927 (end of LW Radiation)
(edit) @863   13 years selatham bug fix to oai_ingest and updated pml and bodc config files
(edit) @854   13 years hearnsha Updated advection description following K Bouton's corrections
(edit) @846   13 years hearnsha aeorosols Done
(edit) @840   13 years hearnsha updated advection scheme
(edit) @838   13 years hearnsha advection scheme description: Done
(edit) @832   13 years hearnsha Add mind map of NMM schema Add mind map of NUMSIM Update …
(edit) @827   13 years hearnsha First update, subversion trial.
(edit) @823   13 years selatham Updateing config files for bodc, badc
(edit) @805   14 years lawrence Corrections to use fundamental schema from Katherine and to make codebase …
(edit) @803   14 years lawrence The first cut at populating NMM with higem data (committed on behalf of …
(edit) @741   14 years selatham clear out old harvests and exit when nothing to harvest
(edit) @736   14 years lawrence Supporting references within initial conditions
(edit) @729   14 years selatham delete old Automation directories not required
(edit) @728   14 years selatham archive Marta's old OAO automation stuff
(edit) @727   14 years selatham archive Marta's old OAO automation stuff
(edit) @726   14 years selatham archive Marta's old OAO automation stuff
(edit) @724   14 years selatham move source code back to OAIBatch
(edit) @723   14 years selatham move source code back to OAIBatch
(edit) @722   14 years selatham move source code back to OAIBatch
(edit) @721   14 years selatham adding ingest scripts, config files etc
(edit) @720   14 years selatham adding database backup scripts
(edit) @719   14 years selatham re-arranging ingest automation stuff
(edit) @717   14 years lawrence Getting ISO19139 drafts and GML into the repository. (This is all publicly …
(edit) @716   14 years lawrence This is a fully documented ISO19139 compliant (I hope) version of NumSim. …
(edit) @711   14 years lawrence Moving towards NumSim V007
(edit) @704   14 years lawrence Shell for python code to take NumSim docs and produce html.
(edit) @700   14 years lawrence Tagging NumSimV006 into subversion (this is hopefully the cvs version with …
(edit) @699   14 years lawrence More modifications in NumSIm (mimetype on the images now)
(edit) @698   14 years lawrence Hopefully the last of these "no value" mods to NumSim
(edit) @697   14 years lawrence Hopefully this cleans up the problems with NumSim Documentation.
(edit) @696   14 years lawrence Dealing with binary conversion problems in NumSim
(edit) @695   14 years lawrence Contnuing to reorganise numsim into subversion
(edit) @694   14 years lawrence Starting to reorganise numsim and get into subversion context
(edit) @626   14 years selatham moving batch OAI code to discovery product
(copy) @555   14 years selatham moving discovery stuff to the right product directory
copied from Discovery_Service:
(edit) @213   14 years lawrence Tidy up
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