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(edit) @5245   10 years cbyrom Extend harvest functionality to also include ingest of harvested docs + …
(edit) @5244   10 years awoolf NERC EDP metadata report v1.0 Andrew Woolf (2009-05-01)
(edit) @5242   10 years cbyrom Add help page to application + tidy up codebase remove uneccessary code …
(edit) @5241   10 years cbyrom Extend harvest functionality to allow it to run over all provider info - …
(edit) @5240   10 years cbyrom Add data access methods to retrieve all provider information and add tests …
(edit) @5239   10 years cbyrom Add Harvester class to run the jOAI Harvester API and run repository …
(edit) @5238   10 years cbyrom Add code to retrieve repository info by name - and add appropriate tests.
(edit) @5237   10 years cbyrom Various tidy ups of editor code - including restricting editing rights to …
(edit) @5236   10 years cbyrom Add functionality to add new repository info data to provider info records …
(edit) @5235   10 years cbyrom Add functionality to allow admin users to add new provider info + …
(edit) @5233   10 years cbyrom Add delete functionality to front tier of oai editor. Include message to …
(edit) @5232   10 years cbyrom Adjust code to keep track of original provider name - to allow valid …
(edit) @5229   10 years cbyrom Add edit functionality to allow provider info, and associated repository …
(edit) @5226   10 years cbyrom Initial check in of code for the OAI Info Editor pylons based web app. …
(edit) @5225   10 years cbyrom Initial import.
(edit) @3945   11 years cbyrom
(edit) @3944   11 years cbyrom Restructure build file to cleanly separate client and service jar …
(edit) @3941   11 years cbyrom Update the readme doc to include new instructions for setting things up.
(edit) @3940   11 years cbyrom Fix Client class reference - to generated stub file.
(edit) @3939   11 years cbyrom Update build file: 1) Add the wsdl2java code generation to the build - …
(edit) @3804   11 years selatham Use the exist interface that comes with .war rather than the old-hat …
(edit) @3803   11 years selatham Use the exist thatcomes in .war rather than old-hat one in exist-client.
(edit) @3798   11 years selatham get rid of more of the no for enddates
(edit) @3785   11 years selatham gather required utilities. improve elementree imports in keywordAdder. put …
(edit) @3779   11 years selatham retiring some old code
(edit) @3777   11 years selatham removed development SpaceTimeIngestPostgisFromMOLES
(edit) @3449   12 years mpritcha Updated to demonstrate use of helper classes & added timings.
(edit) @3254   12 years domlowe Updating search plugins to use production discovery
(edit) @3205   12 years selatham make celementree imports more robust
(edit) @3194   12 years selatham bug fix - non-existent reference kicking about.
(edit) @3179   12 years selatham tidying up a bit
(edit) @3177   12 years selatham adding new coverages extraction to postgis tables.
(edit) @3172   12 years selatham change working directory early, so that finds pwds file.
(edit) @3168   12 years selatham Re-write to use the pythonic dif2moles xquery rather than Java. extract …
(edit) @3148   12 years mpritcha Added DPPP to scopeList
(edit) @3136   12 years lawrence Modified NumSim as requested by Met Office
(edit) @3132   12 years mpritcha Fixed incorrect logic for ignoring spatial search if global extent …
(edit) @3101   12 years selatham Cope with slashes in id. More DP config files
(edit) @3077   12 years mpritcha updated to add overview.html to javadocs
(edit) @3076   12 years mpritcha Initial stab at documentation, exists as extension to javadocs.
(edit) @3054   12 years mpritcha Mostly cosmetic tweaks to javadoc comments, removed a few unused imports …
(edit) @3053   12 years mpritcha Narrowed javadoc target to relevant packages, included overview.html page.
(edit) @3021   12 years selatham Another new DP. Tidied ingest.
(edit) @3020   12 years selatham New DP configs. Deal with colons in IDs
(edit) @2995   12 years mpritcha Updated build instructions to reflect addition of client. Minor typo in …
(edit) @2994   12 years mpritcha Updated build instructions to reflect addition of client.
(edit) @2993   12 years mpritcha Updated build instructions to reflect addition of client.
(edit) @2992   12 years mpritcha Added client class with proxy methods representing doSearch and doPresent …
(edit) @2983   12 years lawrence Slight improvements to the Experiment type.
(edit) @2977   12 years lawrence Version 10-01 of NumSim - major syntax changes, minor semantic changes!
(edit) @2972   12 years selatham bgs config
(edit) @2856   12 years selatham corrected pmls config file
(edit) @2841   12 years mpritcha Corrected revision label of ISO19115 present Xquery
(edit) @2840   12 years mpritcha Initial try at supporting present of ISO19115
(edit) @2839   12 years mpritcha Probably no change but re-synced DIF and DC xqueries to current versions …
(edit) @2838   12 years mpritcha Changed target of author search and fixed namespace problem.
(edit) @2824   12 years lawrence Modified schema for NumSim to support xhtml
(edit) @2657   12 years lawrence Adding a version number to the NS_Simulated element
(edit) @2628   12 years mpritcha Fix for ticket #775, now correctly sets status to false if all documents …
(edit) @2560   12 years mpritcha (forgot to commit Discovery.wsdl and DiscoverySchema?.xsd) Added choice of …
(edit) @2559   12 years mpritcha Now ignores spatial search if bounding box is exactly -180,180,-90,90 …
(edit) @2514   12 years mpritcha Fixed namespace problem with parameter search. Changed search target to …
(edit) @2508   12 years selatham various improvements
(edit) @2462   12 years mpritcha Added choice of spatial operators : overlaps, within, doesNotOverlap
(edit) @2424   12 years selatham fixed bug in spatiotemp ingest where no dates
(edit) @2423   12 years selatham fixed bug in ingest - not clearing out intermediate directory.
(edit) @2421   12 years selatham Bug in inserting with non-existant dates
(edit) @2416   12 years mpritcha Better error handling in PresentAgent?.java. Now allows individual docs to …
(edit) @2415   12 years mpritcha Tweaks to orderBy. Still not right yet.
(edit) @2399   12 years domlowe added browser plugin for older versions (<2.0) of Firefox
(edit) @2383   12 years domlowe Added browser plugin to new directory, browserplugins in discovery trunk
(edit) @2378   12 years selatham more config files
(edit) @2373   12 years mpritcha Updated with latest xqueries (now labelled).
(edit) @2338   12 years selatham Corrected keyword to be added.
(edit) @2331   12 years selatham updated bgs config file.
(edit) @2329   12 years selatham Using keywordAdder correctly. sorted spatiotemporal null problem.
(edit) @2324   12 years selatham new SchemaNameSpace? corrector
(edit) @2321   13 years mpritcha Temporary fix for problem of missing namespace in BGS DIFs.
(edit) @2314   13 years selatham correcting nocs config file.
(edit) @2306   13 years selatham colon to underscores translation.
(edit) @2300   13 years selatham new config files
(edit) @2273   13 years selatham new datacentre config files
(edit) @2268   13 years mpritcha Uses new xqueries for MOLES-to-DC, MOLES-to-MDIP present
(edit) @2264   13 years mpritcha Uses new xquery for MOLES-to-DIF present
(edit) @2263   13 years selatham nocs config etc.
(edit) @2262   13 years selatham cope with empty spatiotemporal tags
(edit) @2259   13 years mpritcha Fixed filter by scope by using voclib:spot-vocab
(edit) @2257   13 years mpritcha Fixed namespace problem presenting original format MDIP records.
(edit) @2252   13 years selatham Copes with MDIP format. Some new config file
(edit) @2203   13 years lawrence Updating Discovery Deployment Diagram to make a point about support for …
(edit) @2200   13 years lawrence Documentation for the discovery metadata and services pipeline
(edit) @2197   13 years mpritcha Fixed slow response due to unnecessary use of <document> wrappers in …
(edit) @2189   13 years lawrence Minor modifications to NumSim schema (now v8.001) to support linking …
(edit) @2115   13 years mpritcha Extra properties added for namespace URLs etc used by PresentAgent?.
(edit) @2114   13 years mpritcha Modified xqueries to check whether document in particular format already …
(edit) @2106   13 years mpritcha Fixed namespace problem with filterByScope function in xquery.
(edit) @2096   13 years mpritcha Added MDIP present format (...probably not working completely yet)
(edit) @2094   13 years mpritcha First attempt at present in DIF, DC formats using xQueries. Updated …
(edit) @2088   13 years selatham implementing keywordAdder.
(edit) @2067   13 years selatham Plugging in new d2boneoff.
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