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(edit) @4031   11 years spascoe Moving to COWS. Untested so far
(edit) @4016   11 years spascoe Added buildout configuration for deployment
(edit) @4015   11 years spascoe Allowed setting of static_files directory outside the egg.
(edit) @4014   11 years spascoe Changed ini template so we can use "paster make-config" to create an …
(edit) @4013   11 years spascoe Rolling back [4011]. Actually we do need the egg-info directory because …
(edit) @4012   11 years spascoe Refers to cows rather than ows_common. Added cows as a dependency.
(edit) @4011   11 years spascoe This is an auto-generated file we don't need in SVN
(edit) @3819   11 years spascoe Moving config directory inside the egg
(edit) @3818   11 years spascoe Config parameters needed by Afir's controller
(edit) @3813   11 years spascoe Moving Arif's WMS code into csml2kmlpylon. A few configuration issues to …
(edit) @3784   11 years spascoe Moved authentication code to just cover MIDAS. This is a hack which will …
(edit) @3783   11 years spascoe Incrementing version number
(edit) @3782   11 years spascoe Added trivial authentication to the plot method
(edit) @3764   11 years mkochan Corrected misspelled EpyDoc? identifier.
(edit) @3763   11 years mkochan Minor svn:ignore changes.
(edit) @3762   11 years mkochan Added two new view classes, ViewSimpleMonthly? and ViewSimpleYearly?, in …
(edit) @3758   11 years mkochan Modified wms2kml config files to be in sync with prev commit.
(edit) @3757   11 years mkochan Made list of views views to be used in wms2kml configurable. Enforced …
(edit) @3744   11 years domlowe correcting dataset_id in midas config file
(edit) @3743   11 years spascoe In progress changes to make csml2kml compatible with the HiGEM WMS (i.e. …
(edit) @3742   11 years domlowe changing entry points for python scripts
(edit) @3740   11 years mkochan Changed from KML to KMZ file in midas.csml2kml.conf.xml
(edit) @3739   11 years domlowe Added entry points for wms2kml and stations2kml scripts
(edit) @3738   11 years mkochan Removed midas_small_subset.csml2kml.conf.kml
(edit) @3737   11 years mkochan
(edit) @3736   11 years mkochan Made changes to csml2kml/config files to allow for new name of output …
(edit) @3735   11 years mkochan Removed quadrize_ukmo.kml from under version control.
(edit) @3734   11 years mkochan Moved KML to kml-output.
(edit) @3733   11 years mkochan Released "wms-obs" from version from under version control.
(edit) @3732   11 years mkochan Removed base "csml2kml" dir.
(edit) @3731   11 years mkochan Moved directories up one level from base csml2kml.
(edit) @3730   11 years mkochan Removed obsolete directories.
(edit) @3729   11 years mkochan Removed obsolete directories.
(edit) @3728   11 years mkochan Added data archive with KML output files as of 2 April 2008.
(edit) @3727   11 years mkochan Minor change to EpyDoc? documentation.
(edit) @3721   11 years mkochan Repeated last change using correct propset
(edit) @3719   11 years mkochan Set "svn:ignore" on csml2kml/python/csml2kml/csml2kml/output
(edit) @3718   11 years mkochan Created deploy.ini in the csml2kmlpylon dir, keeping development.ini for …
(edit) @3717   11 years mkochan Reverted to the version without the API dir.
(edit) @3716   11 years mkochan Moved csml2kml API code into a dir named "API"
(edit) @3714   11 years mkochan Removed obsolete from csml2kml/scripts.
(edit) @3713   11 years mkochan Added links to underlying CSML in csmlGrapher (can be toggled for each …
(edit) @3712   11 years mkochan Switched longitude and latitude in due to requirement change.
(edit) @3708   11 years mkochan Disabled debug mode in csml2kmlpylon.
(edit) @3707   11 years mkochan Changed HTML generation in csmlGrapher -- not using ElementTree now.
(edit) @3706   11 years mkochan Set ignore for build & dist dirs in csml2kmlpylon.
(edit) @3705   11 years mkochan Added configurable formatting of URL queries to WFS for requesting CSML …
(edit) @3703   11 years mkochan Moved midas.csml2kmlpylon.conf.xml to csml2kmlpylon.conf.xml.
(edit) @3702   11 years mkochan Added proper HTTP exceptions to list() in csmlGrapher.
(edit) @3698   11 years mkochan Extended StationConvertor? to handle colouring of stations. Added config …
(edit) @3693   11 years mkochan Extended csmlGrapher to allow multiple datasets (that is, data served from …
(edit) @3686   11 years mkochan Made changes to MIDAS stations output.
(edit) @3685   11 years mkochan Removed from the "tests" dir -- is not part of the library.
(edit) @3684   11 years mkochan Changed wget to return urllib2.HTTPError on retrieval error; changed …
(edit) @3668   11 years spascoe Fix time dimension units
(edit) @3657   12 years mkochan Changed to version 1.0b.
(edit) @3656   12 years mkochan Added config file for all MIDAS stations.
(edit) @3655   12 years mkochan Made sure the csml2kml/output directory is ignored by SVN.
(edit) @3654   12 years mkochan Changed modules to use ET. Added a run-all-tests script (
(edit) @3653   12 years mkochan Replaced "pylab" with "matplotlib" in imports in csml2kml, to make it work …
(edit) @3651   12 years mkochan Debug in csmlGrapher.
(edit) @3650   12 years mkochan Modified documentation, and MIDAS config file to use GeoServer?
(edit) @3641   12 years mkochan Tested and setup functioning of csml2kmlpylon using relocated config file.
(edit) @3640   12 years mkochan Tested relocated config files for csml2kml.
(edit) @3639   12 years mkochan Moved config files for csml2kmlpylon
(edit) @3637   12 years mkochan Moved the config files to the csml2kml egg.
(edit) @3636   12 years mkochan Made csmlGrapher use mapping of times to values, to avoid duplicates.
(edit) @3633   12 years mkochan Finished listing of features according to collection times (only those …
(edit) @3614   12 years mkochan Added NPStationFeature class into Removed dependency on the …
(edit) @3612   12 years mkochan Added Epydoc fields to comments.
(edit) @3603   12 years mkochan Finished commenting
(edit) @3600   12 years mkochan Added comments to
(edit) @3598   12 years mkochan Extended documentation of Station and StationConvertor?.
(edit) @3595   12 years mkochan Split WMSLayer-related functionality into two modules: and …
(edit) @3594   12 years mkochan Removed legacy code associated with GridSeriesConvertor? (superseded by …
(edit) @3593   12 years mkochan Changed tests in "csml2kml" to use the egg properly.
(edit) @3592   12 years mkochan Turned the debug mode OFF in csml2kmlpylon.
(edit) @3591   12 years mkochan Removed the "pylonsstack" directory.
(edit) @3590   12 years mkochan Added the "csml2kmlpylon" Pylons server as a replacement of the improperly …
(edit) @3589   12 years mkochan Deployed pylonsstack as a development egg.
(edit) @3587   12 years mkochan Made csmlGrapher configurable using the same config file as station2kml.
(edit) @3582   12 years mkochan Created the script runnable from command line.
(edit) @3581   12 years mkochan Added tabular formatting to the csmlGrapher lister. Added testing of …
(edit) @3577   12 years mkochan Made contents of the "public" dir in pylonsstack ignored by SVN.
(edit) @3576   12 years mkochan Updated csmlGrapher and StationConvertor? to allow dynamic display of a …
(edit) @3572   12 years spascoe GetLegend? support
(edit) @3570   12 years spascoe Some quick fixes to make pywms align the grid properly. WARNING: This …
(edit) @3568   12 years spascoe Some changes to work behind a proxy and other misc. stuff.
(edit) @3567   12 years mkochan Changes to CSML grapher (unfinished)
(edit) @3566   12 years mkochan Added bounding boxes into WMSCapabilities (if child layers don\'t have a …
(edit) @3565   12 years spascoe Uses new ows_common interface. Works with Cadcorp (at least partially).
(edit) @3564   12 years mkochan Deployed the "csml2kml" package as a development egg. Consequently changed …
(edit) @3562   12 years mkochan Added wms:Layer abstracts as kml:NetworkLink descriptions.
(edit) @3560   12 years mkochan Changed the test "" to a script ""
(edit) @3559   12 years mkochan Changed interaction with WMS script.
(edit) @3558   12 years mkochan Changing the grapher (unfinished).
(edit) @3557   12 years mkochan Corrected bug with NetworkLink? refresh. Turned ZIP compression on.
(edit) @3556   12 years mkochan Completed creation of KMZ files using the ZipFile? module.
(edit) @3555   12 years mkochan Corrected bug in saving KML files, working on saving KMZ files.
(edit) @3551   12 years spascoe Testcard works demonstrating new WMS layer interface.
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