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(edit) @3674   11 years spascoe typo2
(edit) @3673   11 years spascoe typo
(edit) @3672   11 years spascoe Tags needed by jblower's WMS->KML
(edit) @3671   11 years spascoe Resupporting WMS 1.3.0
(edit) @3670   11 years domlowe second attempt at fixing time string
(edit) @3669   11 years domlowe fixing time units
(edit) @3668   11 years spascoe Fix time dimension units
(edit) @3667   11 years cbyrom Hide the 'plot figure' functionality for the time being - since this is …
(edit) @3666   11 years cbyrom Destroy map control to try and avoid IE js errors.
(edit) @3665   11 years cbyrom Open the view map in select mode initially.
(edit) @3664   11 years cbyrom Tidy up javascript classes - adding javadoc style comments (view using …
(edit) @3663   11 years cbyrom Add comment to ensure the file is removed when no longer needed.
(edit) @3662   11 years cbyrom Tidy up javascript classes - adding javadoc style comments (view using …
(edit) @3661   11 years cbyrom Various code tidy ups - including removal of print statements and addition …
(edit) @3660   11 years cbyrom Remove the selectedItems class from stubB and put into its own separate …
(edit) @3659   11 years cbyrom Add utility method to clear out web client session data.
(edit) @3658   11 years pjkersha sso: refactoring redirects from NDG Browse version.
(edit) @3657   11 years mkochan Changed to version 1.0b.
(edit) @3656   11 years mkochan Added config file for all MIDAS stations.
(edit) @3655   11 years mkochan Made sure the csml2kml/output directory is ignored by SVN.
(edit) @3654   11 years mkochan Changed modules to use ET. Added a run-all-tests script (
(edit) @3653   11 years mkochan Replaced "pylab" with "matplotlib" in imports in csml2kml, to make it work …
(edit) @3652   11 years pjkersha * Added sso Pylons project to security stack consisting of LoginService?
(edit) @3651   11 years mkochan Debug in csmlGrapher.
(edit) @3650   11 years mkochan Modified documentation, and MIDAS config file to use GeoServer?
(edit) @3649   11 years cbyrom Update the leaf layer message when deleting layers.
(edit) @3648   11 years cbyrom Add code to support new Con Terra input interface - including extending …
(edit) @3647   12 years cbyrom Add basic GetLegend? webservice to allow lookup of legend graphic when …
(edit) @3646   12 years cbyrom Remove missing icon reference in kid file + centralise displayed map.
(edit) @3645   12 years cbyrom Add in basic GetLegend? support (NB, this isn't displaying anything …
(edit) @3644   12 years cbyrom Fix WMC icon in the Details view to pass its WMC url to the view tab when …
(edit) @3643   12 years ashaon test
(edit) @3642   12 years ashaon lkjkjk
(edit) @3641   12 years mkochan Tested and setup functioning of csml2kmlpylon using relocated config file.
(edit) @3640   12 years mkochan Tested relocated config files for csml2kml.
(edit) @3639   12 years mkochan Moved config files for csml2kmlpylon
(edit) @3638   12 years pjkersha Latest ET snapshot includes fix to Exclusive C14N inclusive namespace …
(edit) @3637   12 years mkochan Moved the config files to the csml2kml egg.
(edit) @3636   12 years mkochan Made csmlGrapher use mapping of times to values, to avoid duplicates.
(edit) @3635   12 years spascoe Updated test
(edit) @3634   12 years spascoe Test for GDAL support. Not completely working yet.
(edit) @3633   12 years mkochan Finished listing of features according to collection times (only those …
(edit) @3632   12 years domlowe importing cdms2 as default -try again
(edit) @3631   12 years spascoe Merging Calum's ows_server work into the refactor branch
(edit) @3630   12 years astephen Fixed defaults for delimiter and float format so read from nappy.ini …
(edit) @3629   12 years domlowe importing cdms2 as default
(edit) @3628   12 years astephen Fixing defaults for delimiter and float format throughout.
(edit) @3627   12 years spascoe This branch contains CSML converted to use cdat_lite-5. - …
(edit) @3626   12 years domlowe updated test script
(edit) @3625   12 years astephen Cleaned up some of the data files and improved unit tests and comparison …
(edit) @3624   12 years astephen Removed old test file.
(edit) @3623   12 years domlowe colourmap now in config
(edit) @3622   12 years domlowe more on wms
(edit) @3621   12 years spascoe Work in progress on GDAL warping support.
(edit) @3620   12 years domlowe csml wms working with correct bbox behaviour
(edit) @3619   12 years astephen
(edit) @3618   12 years astephen Added no_header option to allow user to specify writing the body only.
(edit) @3617   12 years astephen Brand new API but not yet fixed to work.
(edit) @3616   12 years astephen Massively changed first proper attempt at API.
(edit) @3615   12 years astephen Fixing some bugs and inconsistencies.
(edit) @3614   12 years mkochan Added NPStationFeature class into Removed dependency on the …
(edit) @3613   12 years cbyrom Extend wmsc control to allow use of different dimensions specified against …
(edit) @3612   12 years mkochan Added Epydoc fields to comments.
(edit) @3611   12 years cbyrom Add redirect in controller for viewItems if not items are currently …
(edit) @3610   12 years domlowe adding to imps
(edit) @3609   12 years domlowe adding csml implementation code (not complete)
(edit) @3608   12 years domlowe added imps implementation directory for implementations of wms interface
(edit) @3607   12 years cbyrom Complete drag and drop functionality for the View tab: add fixes to allow …
(edit) @3606   12 years cbyrom Adding routing for the removeViewItems function - to allow users to remove …
(edit) @3605   12 years cbyrom Add utility function to check if a tab is actually required - i.e. if it …
(edit) @3604   12 years astephen Added start of functions for API.
(edit) @3603   12 years mkochan Finished commenting
(edit) @3602   12 years astephen Thoughts in place.
(edit) @3601   12 years astephen Fixed foolish omission of the letter c.
(edit) @3600   12 years mkochan Added comments to
(edit) @3599   12 years domlowe added .twoD attribute to CRS sytems in catalogue - returns 2D element of …
(edit) @3598   12 years mkochan Extended documentation of Station and StationConvertor?.
(edit) @3597   12 years spascoe Started a general GDAL WMS adapter.
(edit) @3596   12 years spascoe Improved WMS interface docstrings
(edit) @3595   12 years mkochan Split WMSLayer-related functionality into two modules: and …
(edit) @3594   12 years mkochan Removed legacy code associated with GridSeriesConvertor? (superseded by …
(edit) @3593   12 years mkochan Changed tests in "csml2kml" to use the egg properly.
(edit) @3592   12 years mkochan Turned the debug mode OFF in csml2kmlpylon.
(edit) @3591   12 years mkochan Removed the "pylonsstack" directory.
(edit) @3590   12 years mkochan Added the "csml2kmlpylon" Pylons server as a replacement of the improperly …
(edit) @3589   12 years mkochan Deployed pylonsstack as a development egg.
(edit) @3588   12 years cbyrom Add code to utilise the new drag and drop control - allowing layers to be …
(edit) @3587   12 years mkochan Made csmlGrapher configurable using the same config file as station2kml.
(edit) @3586   12 years cbyrom Add new javascript control - an extension of the yahoo drag and drop …
(edit) @3585   12 years pjkersha Working XMLBeans client to Rampart Sample04 service (demos WS-Security …
(edit) @3584   12 years domlowe fixed bug that was caused by sorting axes list unintentionally #2
(edit) @3583   12 years domlowe fixed bug that was caused by sorting axes list unintentionally
(edit) @3582   12 years mkochan Created the script runnable from command line.
(edit) @3581   12 years mkochan Added tabular formatting to the csmlGrapher lister. Added testing of …
(edit) @3580   12 years pjkersha Updated and tested against 1.3a6 10 March ET release: * Tests 17 and 18 …
(edit) @3579   12 years domlowe handling missing units of measure
(edit) @3578   12 years pjkersha Latest releases from Fredrik Lundh. 10 March release has exclusive C14N …
(edit) @3577   12 years mkochan Made contents of the "public" dir in pylonsstack ignored by SVN.
(edit) @3576   12 years mkochan Updated csmlGrapher and StationConvertor? to allow dynamic display of a …
(edit) @3575   12 years spascoe Type errors
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