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(edit) @2501   13 years spascoe Many new ideas in this commit. It's still in a state of flux. I'm …
(edit) @2500   13 years domlowe fix to CRS catalogue and to ops_gridseriesfeature
(edit) @2499   13 years domlowe time variable now added to netcdf file
(edit) @2498   13 years domlowe subsetting by index initially working for rawfileextracts (more testing …
(edit) @2497   13 years mggr (checking in for mhen) added ImageFileExtract?, numeric types and removed …
(edit) @2496   13 years mggr branching this file
(edit) @2495   13 years domlowe various changes/fixes etc related to getting supporting subsetting by …
(edit) @2494   13 years spascoe Created a trivial CSML reading app based on Dom's code. Just shows the …
(edit) @2493   13 years spascoe Implemented all metadata fields in WMS_Capabilities/Service.
(edit) @2492   13 years domlowe synching
(edit) @2491   13 years lawrence And another debugging piece turned off
(edit) @2490   13 years lawrence Oops, left this out as well …
(edit) @2489   13 years lawrence oops, still had some test code in it …
(edit) @2488   13 years spascoe Moved wms_capabilities test cases to the correct place. Implemented …
(edit) @2487   13 years lawrence Modifications to support cut-down stub-b xquery. Slight rearrangement of …
(edit) @2486   13 years spascoe Started building a WMS capabilities facade on top of OWS capabilities.
(edit) @2485   13 years lawrence Bug fix for empty content
(edit) @2484   13 years spascoe Created a dummy controller for testing the ows parameter parsing features. …
(edit) @2483   13 years ko23 Deployment count xquery
(edit) @2482   13 years ko23 Update to give what was wanted as well as what was needed
(edit) @2481   13 years spascoe Renaming egg directory.
(edit) @2480   13 years spascoe Minimal egification of ows_common.
(edit) @2479   13 years spascoe Implemented basic query string handling by editing base.BaseController?. …
(edit) @2478   13 years domlowe correcting variable name in service_indentification
(edit) @2477   13 years domlowe Adding service_provider classes and related classes in iso19115
(edit) @2476   13 years spascoe Adding Pylons template project as ows_server.
(edit) @2475   13 years spascoe renaming part 2
(edit) @2474   13 years spascoe Renaming ows as ows_common. Part 1
(edit) @2473   13 years domlowe merging PML code branch with trunk
(edit) @2472   13 years domlowe fixing minor bugs in csml code discovered when testing RawFileExtract?
(edit) @2471   13 years spascoe Most of OWS common implemented except for Service Profider package.
(edit) @2470   13 years spascoe Some modifications to the OWS data model. This UML might not evolve …
(edit) @2469   13 years spascoe About half way through modelling OWS v1.1.0
(edit) @2468   13 years selatham added listlevel
(edit) @2467   13 years ko23 Update
(edit) @2466   13 years ko23 Updated XQueries for BADC 'worst cases so far'
(edit) @2465   13 years ko23 Double indexing removed
(edit) @2464   13 years ko23 Updated DIF queries
(edit) @2463   13 years ko23 Extended indexing/moles.xconf and moved xqueryLib to somewhere more …
(edit) @2462   13 years mpritcha Added choice of spatial operators : overlaps, within, doesNotOverlap
(edit) @2461   13 years mggr (mggr checking in for mhen and hoping not to mess up): ongoing development
(edit) @2460   13 years mggr (mggr committing for mhen): ongoing development
(edit) @2459   13 years ko23 Upload working prototype index config, and move xqueryLib under "eXist …
(edit) @2458   13 years pjkersha Fix to DEWS Portal Login sequence diagram.
(edit) @2457   13 years ko23 Index prototype
(edit) @2456   13 years lawrence New code for handling stripped deployments ... this is test code at the …
(edit) @2455   13 years spascoe Added some modelling of OWS Common schema. Incomplete.
(edit) @2454   13 years pjkersha Update to Portal login - name portalAttributeCertificate explicitly.
(edit) @2453   13 years pjkersha Added for DEWS Technical Evaluation Doc.
(edit) @2452   13 years mggr initial version of PML methods (will need testing) - mggr checking in for …
(edit) @2451   13 years mggr branching csml data interface while integrating PML read methods
(edit) @2450   13 years ko23 Transfer
(edit) @2449   13 years ko23 Updated vocab lib to support forthcoming queries
(edit) @2448   13 years lawrence Changes to make cleaner logging in discovery/browse ..
(edit) @2447   13 years spascoe Small changes
(edit) @2446   13 years ko23 Updated version of NDG_Format_Vocab.xls
(edit) @2445   13 years ko23 Addition of keys on Online_Reference_Classes_Vocab_Spreadsheet.xls
(edit) @2444   13 years domlowe name change to insertedExtract
(edit) @2443   13 years spascoe First diagram laying out some OWS framework ideas.
(edit) @2442   13 years spascoe Added EAP with initial component sketches. This will contain all UML for …
(edit) @2441   13 years spascoe
(edit) @2440   13 years spascoe
(edit) @2439   13 years spascoe
(edit) @2438   13 years spascoe This is the best place I can think of to put OGC Web Services code.
(edit) @2437   13 years pjkersha * …
(edit) @2436   13 years selatham added dgReferenceClass
(edit) @2435   13 years ko23 Add pointer to original metadata keyword
(edit) @2434   13 years ko23 Online_Reference_Classes update
(edit) @2433   13 years lawrence Fixes for ticket:722, changing to internal unicode (probably not …
(edit) @2432   13 years domlowe removing print statement
(edit) @2431   13 years domlowe test file parsing doc from exist
(edit) @2430   13 years domlowe csml access to exist, working except for namespace issue
(edit) @2429   13 years domlowe typo fixed
(edit) @2428   13 years domlowe namespace correction
(edit) @2427   13 years domlowe added security to parser
(edit) @2426   13 years domlowe Adding security to CSML schema, also added local copy of moles schema for …
(edit) @2425   13 years domlowe Edited csmlDataset schema to make !CSMLFeatureCollection and …
(edit) @2424   13 years selatham fixed bug in spatiotemp ingest where no dates
(edit) @2423   13 years selatham fixed bug in ingest - not clearing out intermediate directory.
(edit) @2422   13 years lawrence Code to support late binding to Browse service
(edit) @2421   13 years selatham Bug in inserting with non-existant dates
(edit) @2420   13 years pjkersha * …
(edit) @2419   13 years domlowe adding test file
(edit) @2418   13 years pjkersha remove ref to 'Logger' …
(edit) @2417   13 years lawrence Handling empty documents and errors from DIF loading better
(edit) @2416   13 years mpritcha Better error handling in PresentAgent?.java. Now allows individual docs to …
(edit) @2415   13 years mpritcha Tweaks to orderBy. Still not right yet.
(edit) @2414   13 years pjkersha Removed Session Manager B from diagram as not needed.
(edit) @2413   13 years lawrence oops, the discovery help wasn't in subversion
(edit) @2412   13 years domlowe Tagging as stable beta.
(edit) @2411   13 years lawrence and another error in error handling (can only test this live folks, …
(edit) @2410   13 years lawrence Error in error handling!
(edit) @2409   13 years domlowe fixes to object property pattern and validation errors. last commit before …
(edit) @2408   13 years pjkersha Include return of cookie.
(edit) @2407   13 years pjkersha Include return of cookie
(edit) @2406   13 years pjkersha Added sequence diagram for AHM Paper to show browser based access to a …
(edit) @2405   13 years domlowe using 2d crs in profile series
(edit) @2404   13 years pjkersha Renamed verifyCert -> verifyCertChain. Now raises an exception on an …
(edit) @2403   13 years pjkersha Changed vers to 0.7.4 in all egg files.
(edit) @2402   13 years pjkersha top-level fixed to version 0.7.3 …
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