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(edit) @1122   14 years ko23
(edit) @1121   14 years selatham bug fix in copying to backup directories
(edit) @1120   14 years spascoe Better API documentation.
(edit) @1119   14 years ko23 1.2.4 NS erratum found post-tag ;(
(edit) @1118   14 years lawrence Some slight modifications to render Charlotte's numsim docs …
(edit) @1117   14 years spascoe The server-side Authz extensions and python bindings have been taken out …
(edit) @1116   14 years pjkersha Script to initial Credential Repository database - got left out of check …
(edit) @1115   14 years domlowe testing oxygen subversion client
(edit) @1114   14 years domlowe fixed problem with parsing ampersands
(edit) @1113   14 years lawrence This version of browse is connected to NDG security, but access is …
(edit) @1112   14 years domlowe Added missing file to subversion and v0.2 tagged version. …
(edit) @1111   14 years domlowe adding
(edit) @1110   14 years lawrence Minor bug fix to accommodate security interaction
(edit) @1109   14 years astephen Stable-ish version with fully-ish working dxc client.
(edit) @1108   14 years hearnsha NMM Model for higem displayed as an html table created using xslt. We can …
(edit) @1107   14 years ko23 1.2.4 NS erratum test
(edit) @1106   14 years lawrence Fixed for logging error in browse
(edit) @1105   14 years lawrence Missing layout info for browse …
(edit) @1104   14 years spascoe Enhanced test cases.
(edit) @1103   14 years lawrence Woops - missing htmlUtilities needed for browse cgi
(edit) @1102   14 years lawrence Dummy security example for secure browse testing
(edit) @1101   14 years lawrence Updating with Kev's newer return stub-b
(edit) @1100   14 years spascoe Python code on the server will now receive the private string from the …
(edit) @1099   14 years lawrence Hopefully a simple cleanup of unnecessary browse portal stuff
(edit) @1098   14 years lawrence Minor changes with html layout for browse, and starting to organise a …
(edit) @1097   14 years lawrence This has the code to support a temporary patch for the unicode and orphan …
(edit) @1096   14 years pjkersha Expanded SecurityCGI to include handling for Attribute Certificate …
(edit) @1095   14 years mggr NOCS wsdl address
(edit) @1094   14 years domlowe Tagged CSML Parser, API and Scanner (some libraries used) for integration …
(edit) @1093   14 years domlowe Can set file paths of output xml and netcdf. Added example to
(edit) @1092   14 years domlowe fixed bug in TimeCoordinateSystem? units attribute
(edit) @1091   14 years mggr Some possibly useful comments
(edit) @1090   14 years mggr NOCS->PML mapping
(edit) @1089   14 years hearnsha Created numsim record of Higem Atmosphere.
(edit) @1088   14 years hearnsha added references to atmosphere component
(edit) @1087   14 years domlowe Tagged CSML Parser, API and Scanner (some libraries used) for integration …
(edit) @1086   14 years domlowe time and calendar working in netcdf output. Time subsetting by min/max or …
(edit) @1085   14 years domlowe Scanner now picks up long_name and units
(edit) @1084   14 years domlowe Added optional -p printscreen arg #2
(edit) @1083   14 years domlowe Added optional -p printscreen arg
(edit) @1082   14 years domlowe removed prefixing - should not have variables with same name anyway
(edit) @1081   14 years domlowe removed sys.exit()..
(edit) @1080   14 years domlowe Added support for all CF supported calendar types in scanner
(edit) @1079   14 years spascoe Minor change to server debug output.
(edit) @1078   14 years spascoe Implemented higher level auth message passing (the receiver doesn't need …
(edit) @1077   14 years spascoe Implemented full client-server handshake. A version message is now …
(edit) @1076   14 years selatham putting in pwd protection
(edit) @1075   14 years spascoe Python code can read an authorisation message from the client. Test cases …
(edit) @1074   14 years spascoe Implemented setting the username from python during authentication.
(edit) @1073   14 years spascoe The embedded bbftpd server now performs a callback to python to check …
(edit) @1072   14 years domlowe now using cdtime for time conversion #2
(edit) @1071   14 years domlowe now using cdtime for time conversion
(edit) @1070   14 years spascoe Slight modifications to bbftpd module and a new test case for testing the …
(edit) @1069   14 years domlowe Removed obsolete function getTimePositionList
(edit) @1068   14 years ko23 Forgot to upload this.
(edit) @1067   14 years spascoe Moved the python bbftpd extension module source code to it's own file.
(edit) @1066   14 years selatham needs to cope with large numbers of files
(edit) @1065   14 years spascoe now returns to python in the calling process. This allows …
(edit) @1064   14 years spascoe A python module which provides a function to start the daemon can be built …
(edit) @1063   14 years selatham testing mime-type on word docs
(edit) @1062   14 years selatham
(edit) @1061   14 years selatham
(edit) @1060   14 years selatham
(edit) @1059   14 years domlowe rogue print statement removed
(edit) @1058   14 years selatham
(edit) @1057   14 years selatham
(edit) @1056   14 years selatham
(edit) @1055   14 years domlowe fixed minor bug with MeasureOrNullList?
(edit) @1054   14 years hearnsha Validated NMMModel_higem.xml
(edit) @1053   14 years spascoe Those packages that are automatically installed with setuptools are now …
(edit) @1052   14 years spascoe Started experimenting with setuptools. Some packages are downloaded …
(edit) @1051   14 years spascoe We will use setuputils, therefore all we need is to fetch most …
(edit) @1050   14 years lawrence Hopefully now we will write an NDG security cookie as well ... if we get …
(edit) @1049   14 years lawrence Fixed problems with history and select cookie handling. From a cookie …
(edit) @1048   14 years lawrence mucking around with unicode issues for parsing DIF's …
(edit) @1047   14 years lawrence Modifications to support the security redirects. At this point we should …
(edit) @1046   14 years selatham config file for wdcc data centre
(edit) @1045   14 years selatham setting up wdcc data centre stuff
(edit) @1044   14 years hearnsha Katherine Boutons xslt file for creating an html document from NMMModel …
(edit) @1043   14 years hearnsha Corrected NMMModel but for removal of long names
(edit) @1042   14 years domlowe subsetToGridSeries part working
(edit) @1041   14 years domlowe Added class to create new csml document
(edit) @1040   14 years domlowe added getDomain() to API
(edit) @1039   14 years pjkersha SecurityCGI class added.
(edit) @1038   14 years pjkersha Contains SecurityCGI class.
(edit) @1037   14 years pjkersha New release for working version of SecurityCGI class.
(edit) @1036   14 years pjkersha Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: made local vars part of class for ease …
(edit) @1035   14 years pjkersha Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: minor change to re-test glue AA …
(edit) @1034   14 years ko23
(edit) @1033   14 years ko23
(edit) @1032   14 years domlowe domainreference + domaincomplement working in api
(edit) @1031   14 years hearnsha Automated NMM Model for HadGEM v6.1
(edit) @1030   14 years hearnsha Part of the higem NMM Model corrected by Katherine Bouton.
(edit) @1029   14 years domlowe added to svn
(edit) @1028   14 years domlowe replaces by
(edit) @1027   14 years domlowe fixed API imports across all modules
(edit) @1026   14 years domlowe adding module for abstractfileextract
(edit) @1025   14 years domlowe adding api modules for all features
(edit) @1024   14 years domlowe removing parser_operations - now called parser_api
(edit) @1023   14 years lawrence more browse/discovery ... still many significant bugs ... some of which …
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