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(edit) @962   14 years selatham typing error in options
(edit) @961   14 years domlowe Added prettyprintHTML function to cgi parser
(edit) @960   14 years hearnsha Completed NMM Model for Atmosphere, Done upto Vertical Diffusion for NMM …
(edit) @959   14 years lawrence Utility to support HTML presentation of vanilla xml (including highlight …
(edit) @958   14 years selatham securing the discovery config file
(edit) @957   14 years spascoe Began redesigning the activity diagrams in the light of a new …
(edit) @956   14 years selatham securing the exist backup script
(edit) @955   14 years domlowe points to the right cgi now..
(edit) @954   14 years domlowe formatting error fixed
(edit) @953   14 years domlowe Alterations to testMethods
(edit) @952   14 years domlowe improved output of online parser
(edit) @951   14 years pjkersha Added explicit types in DiscoveryWStypes to try to get working - no …
(edit) @950   14 years domlowe RangeSet? now inherits from AssociatedAttributeGroup?
(edit) @949   14 years lawrence Further modifications to python discovery gui, and the entities which …
(edit) @948   14 years domlowe Scanner now really does ignore hidden directories.
(edit) @947   14 years domlowe Scanner now ignores hidden directories
(edit) @946   14 years pjkersha setup tar file in dist/ didn't include new log class.
(edit) @945   14 years pjkersha Re-created: MANIFEST file was not up to date so new log class was not …
(edit) @944   14 years pjkersha Not part of this release.
(edit) @943   14 years pjkersha
(edit) @942   14 years pjkersha New release includes logging WS and Gatekeeper prototype.
(edit) @941   14 years pjkersha Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: renamed test methods to be prefixed with …
(edit) @940   14 years lawrence Some minor bug fixes in rendering DIFs and stubB
(edit) @939   14 years domlowe Basic structure of high-level CSML API added
(edit) @938   14 years lawrence First code to support a GUI for python based searching through the …
(edit) @937   14 years spascoe A proposal for storing access control information in .ndgaccess files is …
(edit) @936   14 years domlowe ioDemo now returns a csml file & netcdf file (works for GridSeries? data …
(edit) @935   14 years lawrence Pretty sure this will have broken the browse, but can't check at the …
(edit) @934   14 years lawrence Modified for some dummy security information
(edit) @933   14 years lawrence Further refactoring of DiscoveryWS in python. All the methods are there …
(edit) @932   14 years lawrence Refactored discovery web service into a class, and at least the search …
(edit) @931   14 years spascoe Some more changes to the EAP. Dumped a diagram to bbftpd_api.BMP.
(edit) @930   14 years pjkersha * Added Gatekeeper class. * Changed 'cvsID' ref global var in all files to …
(edit) @929   14 years domlowe basic writing of subsetted netcdf file
(edit) @928   14 years domlowe fixing path in
(edit) @927   14 years domlowe fixing path in init file
(edit) @926   14 years domlowe reorganising csml directory
(edit) @925   14 years domlowe reorganising csml…
(edit) @924   14 years domlowe removing duplicate old parser code
(edit) @923   14 years domlowe reorganising csml directory
(edit) @922   14 years hearnsha Need to complete Aerosols Scheme in Codebase!
(edit) @921   14 years pjkersha Client interface class for logging WS.
(edit) @920   14 years pjkersha Added XML signature to Logging WS clients for message security. XMLMsg …
(edit) @919   14 years domlowe improvments to PointSeriesFeature? & NasaAmes? handling
(edit) @918   14 years domlowe added PPExtract to Parser
(edit) @917   14 years pjkersha Working prototype log server. Has no message level security implemented …
(edit) @916   14 years root correct spelling
(edit) @915   14 years pjkersha Initial version of NDG logger class based on Python logging package.
(edit) @914   14 years domlowe Program to check if NASA Ames files are readable in NAPPY
(edit) @913   14 years hearnsha Completed ocean codebase.
(edit) @912   14 years lawrence First tranch of modifications following Exeter Metadata Meeting
(edit) @911   14 years lawrence Refactoring browse portal to clearly separate out the service bindings.
(edit) @910   14 years domlowe added prefix to gml:id to distinguish between similarly named features
(edit) @909   14 years root Had to put the -p option in the exist backup now
(edit) @908   14 years domlowe deleting test file
(edit) @907   14 years domlowe binary file test, please ignore
(edit) @906   14 years hearnsha Done carbon cycle, chemical tracers and straits
(edit) @905   14 years domlowe pass kwargs to SRSReferenceGroup
(edit) @904   14 years domlowe texts >> text
(edit) @903   14 years domlowe class for gml:SRSInformation attribute group added, also …
(edit) @902   14 years domlowe minor fix to dataset element
(edit) @901   14 years domlowe Code to batch run scanner for multiple datagranules
(edit) @900   14 years domlowe fixed featureMember misspelling
(edit) @899   14 years domlowe fixed Dataset namespace declaration
(edit) @898   14 years domlowe cleaned up excess print statements
(edit) @897   14 years domlowe commented out error
(edit) @896   14 years domlowe Added some checking for mandatory csml elements
(edit) @895   14 years ko23 Modification to MOLES Schema to include inclusion attributes and minor …
(edit) @894   14 years hearnsha Done upto end sea ice dynamics (3/4 of the ocean codebase parameters)
(edit) @893   14 years hearnsha bottom boundary
(edit) @892   14 years hearnsha Mid way through ocean codebase document.
(edit) @891   14 years domlowe added comments to
(edit) @890   14 years domlowe changes to enable spatial temporal subsetting
(edit) @889   14 years domlowe rolling back example.xml, commited by accident
(edit) @888   14 years domlowe spatial temporal selection on any axis implemented (for netcdf)
(edit) @887   14 years lawrence Candidate NumSimV007 (includes schema split to support model+deployment, …
(edit) @886   14 years lawrence More modifications to browse to support access control
(edit) @885   14 years lawrence woops, getting the right css for numsim testing added …
(edit) @884   14 years lawrence More complete html-isation of numsim …
(edit) @883   14 years domlowe basic temporal subsetting implemented, basic spatial part done
(edit) @882   14 years domlowe removed annoying print statement
(edit) @881   14 years domlowe added getSubsetOfDataForVar method to cdunif datainterface
(edit) @880   14 years domlowe Python CGI script for test parsing see …
(edit) @879   14 years spascoe Cleaned up old EAP model elements.
(edit) @878   14 years spascoe Refined the activity diagrams and dumped them as images.
(edit) @877   14 years spascoe Updated Activity diagrams in DeliveryService.EAP
(edit) @876   14 years lawrence Update the NumSim example to conform with the current schema. Python code …
(edit) @875   14 years domlowe Basic csml i/o - reading csml doc and extracting correct data from file
(edit) @874   14 years hearnsha Put atmos parameters in umui order. now start ocean.
(edit) @873   14 years pjkersha ZSI 1.6.0 with patch to allow handling of 'string' type in …
(edit) @872   14 years lawrence Some slight renaming and moving of material to make clearer what is what.
(edit) @871   14 years hearnsha Done all atmospheric component parameters!! 4947 lines.
(edit) @870   14 years ko23 Replacing the personal name type that went awol…
(edit) @869   14 years domlowe fix to na interface
(edit) @868   14 years domlowe corrected namespace of AggregatedArray?
(edit) @867   14 years hearnsha Done up to line 3887 in Diffusion and Filtering
(edit) @866   14 years ko23
(edit) @865   14 years hearnsha Done up to line 2927 (end of LW Radiation)
(edit) @864   14 years domlowe csmlio - getDomainComplement,getDomainReference linked up with file …
(edit) @863   14 years selatham bug fix to oai_ingest and updated pml and bodc config files
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