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Animation Utility: Reversing an Animation

This demonstrates how to use the reverse attribute to change the behavior of the animation.

Click the icon in the header to toggle the element's height.

Animation Demo

This an example of what you can do with the YUI Animation Utility.

Follow the instructions above to see the animation in action.

This is placeholder text used to demonstrate how the above animation affects subsequent content.

Setting up the HTML

First we add some HTML to animate.

Using the NodeFX Plugin

For this example, we will use Node's fx plugin to animate the element. The plugin adds the anim instance to the Node instance, pre-configuring it to use the Node instance as the Anim's node. The plug method accepts a class to construct and an optional config to pass to the constructor.

Setting the from attribute to the expanded height of the element allows us to toggle the effect using the reverse attribute, which we will see below (from uses current value when omitted).

Creating the Control Element

Because our behavior only works when JS is available, let's go ahead and add our control element using JS as well.

Toggling Animation Behavior

Before calling run in our click handler, we will use the reverse attribute toggle the direction of the animation depending on whether its opening or closing.

Running the Animation

Finally we add an event handler to run the animation.

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