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Module delivery.server

Start a bbftp server process and define python callbacks for authentication and authorisation. Interface to the BBftp server.

Author: Stephen Pascoe

Copyright: Copyright (C) 2006 CCLRC & NERC

License: This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public Licence, version 1.0 or later.

AuthHandler Abstract base class for implementing authentication.
AuthzHandler Abstract base class for implementing authorisation.
LiberalAuthzHandler Allow everything.
MSG Static class containing message codes used by bbftp.
TROPT Static class containing constants used by bbftp in the transferoption parameter.

AuthenticationFailure Signals authentication failed.
AuthorisationFailure Signals authorisation failed.

Function Summary
  start(authHandler, args)
Start the bbftp server.

Function Details

start(authHandler, args)

Start the bbftp server. The server performs a fork() during initialisation, the child process remains in the server's main loop and the parent returns from this function. The server process calls authHandler.authorise() on each connection to do authentication/authorisation.
authHandler - an instance of AuthHandler.
args - a list of command line arguments.
the PID of the server process.

Note: because the server process forks, authHandler will not see any changes to the python interpreter following the call to start().

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