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Preparing 2.0.0 release for NDG Security

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  • TI12-security/trunk/NDGSecurity/python/ndg_security_common/setup.py

    r6788 r7510  
    2424# TODO: subdivide these into server and client specific and comon dependencies 
    2525_pkgDependencies = [ 
    26     'ZSI', 
    27     '4Suite-XML', 
    2826    'M2Crypto', 
    29     'ndg_saml' 
     27    'ndg_saml', 
     28    'ndg_xacml' 
    3029    ] 
    3635_longDescription = """\ 
     36NDG Security package for components common to client and server side  
    3738NDG Security is the security system for the UK Natural Environment Research 
    3839Council funded NERC DataGrid.  NDG Security has been developed to  
    39 provide users with seamless access to secured resources across NDG  
     40provide users with seamless federated access to secured resources across NDG  
    4041participating organisations whilst at the same time providing an underlying  
    4142system which is easy to deploy around organisation's pre-existing systems.  
    42 NDG Security is designed around a Role Based Access Control mechanism. Cross  
    43 organisational access to resources is enabled through bilateral trust  
    44 agreements between participating organisations expressed through a system for  
    45 single sign and role mapping. 
    47 NDG Security employs a web services based architecture enabling different  
    48 combinations of components to be deployed according to a participating site's  
    49 needs and requirements.  Resources are secured using a system of Policy 
    50 Enforcement Point (Gatekeeper) and Policy Decision Point components.  An  
    51 Attribute Authority provides a service to query a given users attributes used 
    52 for gaining access to resources.  Session Manager and MyProxy services can be  
    53 used for management of credentials.  NDG Security supports OpenID for Single 
    54 Sign On and can integrate into both web based and non-web based application  
    55 client interfaces. 
     44Over the past two years the system has been developed in collaboration with the  
     45US DoE funded Earth System Grid project for the ESG Federation an infrastructure 
     46under development in support of CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project  
     47Phase 5), a framework for a co-ordinated set of climate model experiments  
     48which will input into the forthcoming 5th IPCC Assessment Report. 
     50NDG and ESG use a common access control architecture.  OpenID and MyProxy are  
     51used to support single sign on for browser based and HTTP rich client based  
     52applications respectively.  SAML is used for attribute query and authorisation 
     53decision interfaces.  XACML is used as the policy engine.  NDG Security has been 
     54re-engineered to use a filter based architecture based on WSGI enabling other  
     55Python WSGI based applications to be protected in a flexible manner without the  
     56need to modify application code. 
    5960    name =                      'ndg_security_common', 
    60     version =                   '1.5.1', 
     61    version =                   '2.0.0', 
    6162    description =           'NERC DataGrid Security package containing common ' 
    6263                            'utilities used by both server and client ' 
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