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Incomplete - task 5: MyProxy? Logon HTTPS Interface

  • Finished epydoc ready for first release to PyPI.
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  • TI12-security/trunk/MyProxyWebService/setup.py

    r6938 r6950  
    22     name =              'MyProxyServerUtils', 
     22    name =              'MyProxyWebService', 
    2323    version =           '0.1.0', 
    24     description =       'MyProxy Server Utilities', 
    25     long_description =  '''Provides a HTTPS interface to myproxy-logon  
    26 implemented as a WSGI application fronting calls to a MyProxy server. 
    28 MyProxy is an application available from the Globus Toolkit which enables the 
    29 management of PKI based credentials. 
     24    description =       'MyProxy Web Service', 
     25    long_description =  '''\ 
     26Provides a simple web service interface to MyProxy.  MyProxy is a Service for  
     27managing PKI based credentials which is part of the Globus Toolkit.  Providing 
     28a HTTP based interface enables HTTP based clients to connect to a MyProxy server 
     29and retrieve credentials. 
     31The interface is implemented as a WSGI application which fronts a normal  
     32MyProxy server.  myproxy-logon and myproxy-get-trustroots are expressed as web  
     33service calls.  The WSGI application forwards the requests on to the MyProxy  
     34server over the usual MyProxy protocol.  The web service interface is RESTful  
     35using GET and POST operations and the logon interface makes uses of HTTP Basic  
     36Auth to pass username and pass-phrase credentials.  The service is hosted over  
     39The unit tests include a test application served using paster.  Client scripts 
     40are also available which need no specialised installation or applications, only 
     41openssl and curl which are typically available on Linux/UNIX based systems. 
    3042    ''', 
    3143    author =            'Philip Kershaw', 
    3345    maintainer =        'Philip Kershaw', 
    3446    maintainer_email =  'Philip.Kershaw@stfc.ac.uk', 
    35     url =               'http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/wiki/Security/MyProxyClient', 
     47    url =               'http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/wiki/Security/MyProxyWebService', 
    3648    platforms =         ['POSIX', 'Linux', 'Windows'], 
    3749    install_requires =  ['PasteDeploy',  
    4658    }, 
    4759    classifiers = [ 
    48         'Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable', 
     60        'Development Status :: 3 - Alpha', 
    4961        'Environment :: Console', 
    5062        'Environment :: Web Environment', 
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