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Write README.txt for MILK with basic install and config info +
tidy up config files, removing obsolete data + remove unused help
page + fix proper use of global discovery url to simplify use.

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  • MILK/trunk/milk_server/README.txt

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    1 Installing and running milk_server: 
     3The following should be installed to run the ojims editor: 
     41. Python2.5 - see http://www.python.org/download/ 
     52. Pylons - see http://docs.pythonweb.org/display/pylonsdocs/Installing+Pylons 
     63. Genshi - see http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/Download 
     74. FormEncode - see http://www.formencode.org/download.html 
     85. ndgCommon - see http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/browser/ndgCommon 
    3 Full instructions are available on the ndg wiki - see: 
     10NB, it is easier to setup the prereqs by using easy_install - http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall 
     11- then you can just run, easy_install pylons, easy_install genshi, etc. 
    5 http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/ndg/wiki/InstallDiscoveryBrowse 
     13Installation and Setup 
     15Once the prereqs are installed and the codebase is extracted to a local: 
    7 NB, this refers to the ows_server setting up instructions 
     17i) Copy the development.ini, helpText.config and milk.config files in the top level MILK 
     18directory to the milk_server directory below 
     19ii) Adjust the content of these files as follows: 
    9 TODO: Add new instructions (if required) for MILK 
     22- adjust the host and port settings appropriately 
     23- turn debug on/off 
     24- adjust logging level of server output (adjust the logger_root settings) 
     29- server - NB, this should match the host and port settings in the development.ini file 
     30- mailserver - SMTP server to sending mails 
     31- metadataMaintainer - email address to which correction comments will be mailed 
     32- tbrecipient mail address to which trackback comments are sent 
     33- proxyServer - proxy server to use, if required 
     34- debug - for more verbose logging 
     36- discoveryURL - url to discovery service; defaults to discovery service on the current stack 
     39- url - if a WMC client is to be used to retrieve data for visualisation purposes, specify 
     40the url to it here  
     43 - add details of providers and their associated browse services, to be exposed by this  
     44 browse service - format: 'provider ID: hostname' 
     47- add appropriate eXist DB servers and the providers which they serve 
     48- passwordFile - specify password file with content format: 
     50'db host name' 'user ID' 'password' 
     53- discoveryServiceURL - if a different discovery service is to be used from the default  
     54one (defined in ndg.common.src.clients.ws.discovery.discoveryserviceclient) 
     57- configure the MILK stack to provide editor, browse, discovery, or any combination of the 
     58three, services 
     61Adjust any of the help text contain in the file to suit purpose.  NB, any help text 
     62here is set on the globals object as a new field - e.g. having a line,  
     64blah: some help text 
     66in this file will set up data on the globals variable so that: 
     68g.blah will output, 'some help text' when used. 
     71iii) From the milk_server directory, run: 
     73paster serve --reload development.ini 
     75Further Notes 
     77i) The editor uses the browse service under the covers, so if this is enabled, browse 
     78functionality will also be available 
     79ii) Browse links exposed by searches in the discovery service are generated using the 
     80results from the discovery service; if these are invalid, it is likely that the moles 
     81data has not been properly passed along the pipeline from document publication to  
     82ingestion in the discovery service 
     83(NB, for info on how the discovery ingest works, see: 
     85http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/badc/wiki/opman/FeedHarvester and 
     90i) The retrieve controller which represents the browse service is very ropey and could do 
     91with a lot of tidying up 
     92ii) The discovery controller which represents the discovery service is very ropey and  
     93could do with a lot of tidying up 
     94iii) Implementation of new security layer; this is being developed by Phil Kershaw and 
     95should sit on top of the MILK stack without any extra modification.  When it is available, 
     96the existing security code should be entirely removed, as it currently is not doing anything. 
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