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06/04/09 17:18:12 (13 years ago)

Add two new text area inputs for data entities - to get data on lineage + quality. Also add new help text for these new sections.

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  • MILK/trunk/milk_server/helpText.config

    r5077 r5175  
    2626atom_type:The type of the underlying data described by this document.  NB, a deployment is a specialised form of Activity - with sub-type of 'Deployment'. 
    2727atom_content:The actual data being described by this document.  NB, in the case of data granules, this content may just be a reference to an ingested CSML or CDML file. 
     28atom_quality:Description of the relative quality of the dataset. 
     29atom_lineage:Summary of the origins of the dataset, e.g.: "Dataset produced from NASA MODIS instrument on Terra and collected at the University of York's groundstation 1999-2003 and a copy provided to NEODC in June 2007". 
    2830atom_author:The principal author of the actual underlying data.  Only one author can be specified per atom; if there are multiple authors, these should be specified as 'contributors'.  NB, an atom MUST have an author specified. 
    2931atom_contributors:Any other authors of the actual underlying data.  NB, the principal author should be specified in the 'Author' input field.  Also, note, three contributors can be added at once; after these are added a further three may be specified - and so on. 
    3032atom_online_refs:Online references with a specific relationship to the data being described here.  NB, if links are supplied they must be valid and include the transport protocol - e.g. ''.  Also, note, three online references can be added at once; after these are added a further three may be specified - and so on. 
    3133atom_coverage:Summary of the temporal and spatial data coverage for the data. 
     34atom_other:Other miscellaneous information.  Note, update frequency relates to the update frequency of the underlying data, not the metadata. 
    3235atom_responsible_parties:Parties responsible for the metadata - e.g. data curator.  Responsible parties can have a role specified to make their function clearer.  Multiple responsible parties can be specified. 
    3336atom_associated_data:Data entities associated with this deployment. 
  • MILK/trunk/milk_server/milk_server/controllers/atom_editor/

    r5158 r5175  
    365365            self.inputs['Content'] = c.atom.Content 
    366366            self.inputs['Summary'] = c.atom.Summary 
     367            self.inputs['lineage'] = c.atom.ME.lineage 
     368            self.inputs['quality'] = c.atom.ME.quality 
    367369            return self.savePageAndRender("atom_editor/atom_editor", **self.inputs) 
  • MILK/trunk/milk_server/milk_server/public/layout/style/ndg2.css

    r5171 r5175  
    22/* Entire Page Contents */ 
    33#loading { 
    4 position:absolute; 
     4        position:absolute; 
    55        width:100%; 
    6         height:2000px; 
     6        height:3000px; 
    77        border:1px solid #6694D3; 
    88        padding-top:100px; 
  • MILK/trunk/milk_server/milk_server/templates/utils.html

    r4999 r5175  
    46     <div class="metadataSection" py:def="TextArea(name, value, editLink, helpText)"> 
     46    <div class="metadataSection" py:def="TextArea(name, value, editLink, helpText, title=None)"> 
    4747        <?python         
    4848                                divID = name + 'Div' 
    5555                                        nonEditVal = value.replace('\n', '<br />') 
    5656                                        nonEditVal = nonEditVal.replace('\r', '<br />') 
     57                                if not title: 
     58                                        title = name 
    5759                ?> 
    5860        <table py:if="value or editLink"> 
    5961            <tr><td class="linehead"> 
    6062                    <table> 
    61                         <tr><td>${name}<span py:if="editLink" py:replace="helpIcon(helpID, 'tr')"/></td> 
     63                        <tr><td>${title}<span py:if="editLink" py:replace="helpIcon(helpID, 'tr')"/></td> 
    6264                            <span py:if="editLink" py:strip=""> 
    6365                                <td align="right"> 
    8587                                        <table> 
    8688                                <tr><td> 
    87                                         ${Markup(h.text_area(name, value, class_="fullWidth", rows="9"))} 
     89                                        ${Markup(h.text_area(name, value or '', class_="fullWidth", rows="9"))} 
    8890                                </td></tr> 
    8991                                <tr><td> 
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