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    4646class OWSControllerBase(WSGIController): 
    4747    """ 
     48    Base class for all COWS Service controllers.   
     50    Subclasses should add supported operations to the cls.owsOperations attribute  
     51    and supply the a method of the same name (in UpperCammelCase).   
     53    When a request is received first self.__before__() will be called with the  
     54    parameters supplied by routes.  Override this method to configure the service  
     55    for a particular URL.  Then the operation method will be called 
     56    with the same parameters as self.__before__().  The operation parameters  
     57    (query_string) are not sent as method arguments.  Use self.owsParams or  
     58    self.getOwsParam() to retrieve these parameters. 
    4860    @ivar owsParams: A dictionary of parameters passed to the service. 
    4961        Initially these comes from the query string but could come from 
    108120        """ 
    109121        Returns the value of a OWS parameter passed to the operation. 
    110         If argv['default'] is given it is taken to be the default 
    111         value otherwise the parameter is treated as manditory and an 
     122        If kwargs['default'] is given it is taken to be the default 
     123        value otherwise the parameter is treated as mandatory and an 
    112124        exception is raised if the parameter is not present. 
    230242    def _renderCapabilities(self, version, format): 
    231243        """ 
    232         Override in subclases to render the capabilities document. 
     244        Override in subclasses to render the capabilities document. 
    233245        The response mime-type will already have been set.  Raise an 
    234246        OWS exception if the format is not supported. 
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