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    88 ToDo 
     88To Do 
    115115another way of determining deletions?  Once this is established, use the PostgresDAO.deleteOriginalDocument() method to do the clearing 
     1184. When adding keywords, using the keywordAdder class, the descriptionOnlineReference element loses its values 
     119- this appears to be due to the molesReadWrite class not picking up the necessary structure - which appears 
     120to be absent from the ndgmetadata1.3.xsd schema? 
     1225. The molesReadWrite class, used when adding kewords to the moles file, does not correctly handle namespace qualified attributes 
     123- leading to these being duplicated in some cases - e.g. the ndgmetadata1.3.xsd schema features elements with the names, 
     124'dgMetadataDescriptionType' and 'moles:dgMetadataDescriptionType' 
     125- this then leads to the elements being duplicated when the molesElement.toXML() method is called.  The most obvious 
     126consequence of this is that the AbstractText element is included twice; as such, this particular event has been caught 
     127and escaped in the code - however a better fix would be to ensure that namespaces are either stripped out and/or handled 
     1306. The SpatioTemporalData class is a simple struct to store spatiotemporal data; would be better if there was 
     131some simple checking of this data (esp the temporal data), to ensure it meets the input requirements - e.g. 
     132checking dates so they can be turned into valid DB timestamps (not sure what formats we accept which is why this 
     133isn't implemented). 
     1357. Logging - only the classes I've directly written use the python logging system - i.e. existing code that is referenced 
     136from this code does not.  This leads to slightly untidy output as the ordering of print statements is different to that of 
     137the logger.  Ideally the logger would be used throughout code, but this is probably unlikely to happen. 
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