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  • TI05-delivery/ows_framework/trunk/ows_server/ows_server/public/js/dragAndDrop.js

    r3662 r3700  
    33 * - NB, this is used to allow map layers to be re-organised in the view tab -  
    44 * hence the updateVisLayers call when an item has been dragged and dropped 
    5  *  
     5 * @class 
     6 * 
    67 * @author C Byrom 
    78 */ 
  • TI05-delivery/ows_framework/trunk/ows_server/ows_server/public/js/wmsc.js

    r3538 r3700  
    1 // 
    2 // Top-level definitions of the Javascript WMS client library. 
    3 // 
     2 * Top-level definitions of the Javascript WMS client library. 
     3 * 
    64 * Define a namespace for the package. 
    75 */ 
  • TI05-delivery/ows_framework/trunk/ows_server/ows_server/public/layout/ndg2.css

    r3692 r3700  
    245245/* Footer not yet checked complete */ 
     247/* Standard hidden element - used mainly for help text */ 
     248div.hidden {display:none;background-color: #f4f4f4; border:1px solid black;} 
  • TI05-delivery/ows_framework/trunk/ows_server/ows_server/templates/selectedItems.kid

    r3540 r3700  
    1212            <h2> Selected Datasets </h2> 
    1313            <div id="resultsTab" py:if="'selection' in session"> 
    14                 <p> Please select which datasets you wish to view and which viewer you wish to use.</p> 
     14                <p> Please select which datasets you wish to view and which viewer you wish to use<span py:replace="helpIcon('select_help')"/></p> 
     15                <div id="select_help" class="hidden"> 
     16                   <div class="helptxt"> 
     17                        <p> 
     18                                Clicking on an icon in the 'Google-Earth', 'Con Terra' or 'Local' columns will open the corresponding dataset in the specified viewer. 
     19                                To view multiple datasets together, select these using the 'Select' column then click on the 'View Selected' button for the 
     20                                desired viewer. 
     21                        </p> 
     22                    </div> 
     23                </div> 
    1525                <form name="selectionsForm" id="selectionsForm" onSubmit='return true;'> 
    1626                <table class="selectedDatasets" id="selectedDatasets" width="100%"> 
    2636                                <tr> 
    2737                                        <th>Google-Earth</th> 
    28                                         <th>ConTerra</th> 
     38                                        <th>Con Terra</th> 
    2939                                        <th>Local</th> 
    3040                                </tr> 
  • TI05-delivery/ows_framework/trunk/ows_server/ows_server/templates/viewItems.kid

    r3691 r3700  
    8181<div id="visBody"> 
     82      <div id="coord_help" class="hidden"> 
     83        <div class="helptxt"> 
     84                                Specifying coordinate dimensions will select a region on the map;  
     85                                when this is appropriately sized, the map will automatically zoom to this region.<br/> 
     86                                'Reset selection' will return the map to its full, global size.<br/> 
     87                                Some map layers have additional dimensions, e.g. 'time';  
     88                                if these are available, they will also be displayed in this panel for selection.<br/> 
     89                                NB, the dimensions displayed are those relating to the selected dataset  
     90                                in the left hand tree view - however they will also be applied, where appropriate, to all selected map layers. 
     91        </div> 
     92      </div> 
    8394  <tr> 
    91102      <div class="optDiv"> 
    92103        <b>Selection Description</b> 
    93         <div id="description"> 
    94           Complete your selection below to view. 
    95         </div> 
     104                <div id="description"> 
     105                  Complete your selection below to view<span py:replace="helpIcon('coord_help')"/> 
     106                </div> 
    96107      </div> 
    97108      <div class="optDiv"> 
    121132<table class="controlTable"> 
    122133<tr class="controlHeadings"> 
    123 <th>Dataset</th><th>Layer</th> 
     134<th>Dataset<span py:replace="helpIcon('dataset_help')"/> 
     136<th>Layer<span py:replace="helpIcon('layer_help')"/></th> 
     140        <div id="dataset_help" class="hidden"> 
     141        <div class="helptxt"> 
     142                        Select a dataset to expand it and make its map layers visible; these can then be selected to add to the 'Layer' 
     143                        panel for visualisation.<br/>   
     144                        Remove datasets from the display by clicking their <img src="js/img/close.gif" /> icon. 
     145        </div> 
     146    </div> 
     149        <div id="layer_help" class="hidden"> 
     150        <div class="helptxt"> 
     151                When multiple map layers are selected, the displayed map is constructed by sequentially adding the layers from the top of the list 
     152                to the bottom.<br/> 
     153                NB, if the topmost layer (i.e. the bottom layer in the below list) has legend data available then this will be displayed under the completed map.<br/> 
     154                Remove layers from the displayed map by clicking their <img src="js/img/close.gif" /> icon. 
     155        </div> 
     156    </div> 
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