01/08/07 15:33:41 (13 years ago)

Improvements in the advanced search page, and a fix for ticket:817 (I
hope, I can't test it on my system).

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  • TI05-delivery/ows_framework/trunk/ows_server/ows_server/templates/advanced.kid

    r2750 r2755  
    2020                            Links to further information and/or data access are provided in the responses.</p> 
    2121                            <div class="searchHdr">Free text search <span py:replace="helpIcon('fts_help')"/></div> 
    22                             <div id="fts_help" class="hidden helptxt" > 
     22                            <div id="fts_help" class="hidden" > 
     23                                <div class="helptxt"> 
    2324                                 <p>Free text search looks through the entire database of discovery documents, or it can be limited 
    2425                                    to the Author (dataset creator), or Parameter fields</p> 
    2728                                    The document pages include links to fuller and more original versions in viewable XML if you  
    2829                                    suspect this is occurring and wish to track down obscure matches.</p> 
     30                                </div> 
    2931                            </div> 
    3032                            <div class="SearchBox"> 
    3638                            </div> 
    3739                           <div class="searchHdr">Temporal coverage (YYYY MM DD)&nbsp;<span py:replace="helpIcon('temcov_help')"/></div> 
    38                            <div id="temcov_help" class="hidden helptxt"> 
     40                           <div id="temcov_help" class="hidden"> 
     41                            <div class="helptxt"> 
    3942                            <p>You can find datasets which have data within a specific time range by using the temporal coverage</p> 
     43                            </div> 
    4044                           </div> 
    4145                           <div class="SearchStartDate"> 
    5054                                <input type="text" value="$c.endDateDay" size="2" name="endDateDay"/></div>      
    5155                           <div class="searchHdr">Source data providers <span py:replace="helpIcon('datpro_help')"/></div> 
    52                            <div id="datpro_help" class="hidden helptxt"><p>Your search can be limited to NERC data centres alone</p></div> 
     56                           <div id="datpro_help" class="hidden"> 
     57                           <div class="helptxt"><p>Your search can be limited to NERC data centres alone</p></div></div> 
    5358                           <div class="SearchSource"> 
    5459                               <label for="All"><input type="radio" name="source" value="All" id="All" checked="checked" />All</label> 
    9095                                id="map" width="450" height="375" name='NDG_SEARCH' scrolling='no'> 
    9196                            </iframe><br/>&nbsp;--> 
    92                             <div id="spacov_help" class="hidden helptxt"> 
    93                                 <p> All datasets which have some data within the bounding box will be returned </p> 
     97                            <div id="spacov_help" class="hidden"> 
     98                                <div class="helptxt"> 
     99                                <p> All datasets which have some data within the bounding box will be returned </p></div> 
    94100                            </div> 
    95101                    </td></tr> 
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