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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
CommonItems 653   15 years selatham moving general XML validation tools to CommonItems?
Document_handling 656   15 years selatham archive Siva's old pre-CSML dataModel Metadata production software
nappy 624   15 years selatham
NDG1_archive 728   15 years selatham archive Marta's old OAO automation stuff
TI01-discovery 741   15 years selatham clear out old harvests and exit when nothing to harvest
TI02-CSML 782   15 years domlowe added code to resolve hrefs and srsName refs to real objects
TI03-DataExtractor 799   15 years astephen Set up stub classes for CSML to interact with.
TI04-geosplat 798   15 years astephen Latest working version with install method. Can accept more than one file …
TI05-delivery 802   15 years spascoe Added a trivial private authentication function. WARNING: Untested, almost …
TI06-vocabulary 561   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI06
TI07-MOLES 801   15 years lawrence Fixing xpath problem (need real ElementPath? to be present)
TI08-IntCollaboration 563   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI08
TI09-UKCollaboration 565   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI09
TI10-WorkingGrid 567   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI10
TI11-ClientPackage 572   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI11
TI12-security 786   15 years pjkersha Minor fixes following installation at CEH and PML.
TI13-DataProvider 570   15 years selatham correcting TI13
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