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Testing for EA

1Exporting package to 'Y:\Desktop\linking-xmi.xml'
2Retrieving data for export: diagram elements
3Retrieving data for export: links
4Retrieving data for export: constraints
5Retrieving data for export: attribute tagged values
6Retrieving data for export: operation tagged values
7Retrieving data for export: operation parameter tagged values
8Retrieving data for export: connector tagged values
9Completed data retrieval
10Pre-processing export tree...
11Completed pre-processing
12Processing package: ISO19101
13Element:0: Network Address
14Element:1: Dataset
15Element:2: Spatial Object
16Element:3: Spatio-Temporal Position
17Element:4: Feature Instance
18Element:5: Application Schema
19Element:6: Browse Schema
20Element:7: Discovery Schema
21Element:8: Schema
22Element:9: GML
23Element:10: Metadata
24Element:11: Interface1
25Element:12: Services
26Element:13: External Schema
27Element:14: Metadata
28Element:15: Service Metadata
29Element:16: Text
30Element:17: Text
31Element:18: Text
32Element:19: Text
33Element:20: Coverage
34Diagram: Fig 5
36Processing package: Metadata
37Element:21: D-doc
38Element:22: B-doc
39Element:23: A-doc
40Element:24: E-doc
41Element:25: Security Description
42Processing package: Schema
43Diagram: Metadata
44Formatting output XML...please wait
45XMI Document Export Complete!
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