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Testing working with EA subversion control

2Importing Model from XMI
3Root Package: DIF
4Add Classifier: Parameters
5Add Classifier: DataCenter
6Add Classifier: Name
7Add Classifier: TemporalCoverage
8Add Classifier: SpatialCoverage
9Add Classifier: ContactAddress
10Add Classifier: PaleoTemporalCoverage
11Add Classifier: DIF
12Add Classifier: DataSetCitation
13Add Classifier: Personnel
14Add Classifier: DataResolution
15Add Classifier: Discipline
16Add Classifier: MultimediaSample
17Add Classifier: Distribution
18Add Classifier: Location
19Add Classifier: RelatedUrl
20Resolving Classifiers
21Resolving Owners
22Resolve Package Links
23Add Extensions
24Add Diagrams
25Adding Diagram : DIF
26Resolving DiagramIDs
27Resolving Association Classes
28Resolving Parameter Types
29Resolving Attribute Types
30Resolving Note links
31Fixup external references
32Import Complete!
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