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Add a new feed for collecting corrections info submitted by users of
the atom editor + create new method on client to do this + add new
tests and tidy up some code.

1from setuptools import setup, find_packages
4        name='ndgCommon',
5    version='0.1.1',
6    packages=find_packages(),
7        test_suite='nose.collector',
8    install_requires=["ZSI", "feedparser", "httplib2"], # ZSI for Discovery Service Client
9    package_data={'ndg': ['common/xmldb/indexing/*/*.xconf', 
10                                                  'common/xmldb/resources/*',
11                                                  'common/xmldb/schema/*.xsd',
12                                                  'common/xmldb/xquery/*.xq',
13                                                  'common/xmldb/xquery/lib/*/*.xquery']},
14        author = 'Calum Byrom',
15        license = 'LGPL',
16    description = 'NDG utilities for metadata search and extraction',
17        long_description='''
18This is a package of utilities for manipulating metadata
19documents conforming to NERC DataGrid specifications, and
20held in eXist databases. Utilities to manipulate the
21NERC DataGrid public SOAP search interface are also
22included '''
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