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Create new class (and test suite) to do all the eXist DB setting up - and move this code from the
eXistdbclient to tidy things up.
Allow feed publishing to be done synch/asynch.
Improve loading of non-python resources - adding code to store the various schemata and indexes
required for setting up eXist
Improve parsing of atom URLs to allow browser host to change
Fix moles data in testconstants
Add tests for looking up associated atom data
Add indexing configuration files - to optimise atom processing in eXist + add code in initialiser class to set these up on eXist.
Add all the required schemata required for atom schema validation in eXist + add code in initialiser class to set these up on eXist;
this allows eXist to be ran without need of access beyond the firewall.

1from setuptools import setup, find_packages
4        name='ndgCommon',
5    version='0.1.1',
6    packages=find_packages(),
7        test_suite='nose.collector',
8    install_requires=["ZSI", "feedparser"], # for Discovery Service Client
9        author = 'Calum Byrom',
10        license = 'LGPL',
11    description = 'NDG utilities for metadata search and extraction',
12        long_description='''
13This is a package of utilities for manipulating metadata
14documents conforming to NERC DataGrid specifications, and
15held in eXist databases. Utilities to manipulate the
16NERC DataGrid public SOAP search interface are also
17included '''
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