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Fixed command line tests.

1../nappy/script/ ../test_outputs/
2../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc.csv
3../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1010-from-nc.csv
4../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/2010-from-nc.csv
5../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/3010-from-nc.csv
6../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/4010-from-nc.csv
7../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc-excludes.csv -e "Ascent Rate"
8../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc-overwrite.csv --overwrite-metadata=ONAME,"See line 2 - my favourite org."
9../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc-as-padded-ints.csv -f "%03d"
10../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc-csv.csv -d ,
11../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc-no-header.csv --no-header
12../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ -o ../test_outputs/1001-from-nc-annotated.csv --annotated
13../nappy/script/ -i ../test_outputs/ --names-only
14-c "print 'NOTE: If all tests failed try running the ../nappy/script/na2nc tests first, because they are needed to generate the nc files!'"
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