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Added Data Section annotation

[3986]2NLHEAD_FFI = Number of header lines; NASA Ames sub-format code
3ONAME = Name of data creator
4ORG = Institute of data creator
5SNAME = Instrument or model name
6MNAME = Project name
7IVOL_NVOL = File number; Total number of files
[4000]8DATE_RDATE = Starting date of data (YYYY MM DD); File creation date (YYYY MM DD)
[3986]9DX = Interval between coordinate variable values (zero if not used)
10NVPM = Number of extra independent variable points between independent variable values
[3999]11NX = Length of coordinate variables
[3986]12NXDEF = Number of coordinate variable values explicity defined in header
13X = Values of coordinate variable
14LENX = Number of characters in character-based coordinate variable
15LENA = Number of characters in character-based auxiliary variable
16XNAME = Name of coordinate variable (with units)
17NV = Number of primary variables defined
18VSCAL = Scale factors for each primary variable
19VMISS = Missing values for each primary variable
20VNAME = Name of primary variable (with units)
21NAUXV = Number of auxiliary variables
22NAUXC = Number of character-based auxiliary variables
23ASCAL = Scale factors for each auxiliary variable
24AMISS = Missing values for each auxiliary variable
25ANAME = Name of auxiliary variable (with units)
26NSCOML = Number of lines of special comments
27SCOM = Special comments line
28NNCOML = Number of lines of normal comments
29NCOM = Normal comments line
[7605]30Data = Data section
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