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Revision 5072, 495 bytes checked in by spascoe, 11 years ago (diff)

Moved tests back out of the package hierarchy. They are now not
included in the egg but can be run from a checkout or a
distribution directory created with "easy_install -eb . nappy"

To run the tests do "python test" or "nosetests" from the

[3522]1import nappy.nc_interface.na_to_nc
2import nappy.nc_interface.nc_to_na
[3469]3import os
[5072]5in_dir = out_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "../test_outputs")
[3474]7ffi_in, ffi_out = (2010, 2110)
[3474]9infile = os.path.join(in_dir, "" % (ffi_in))
10outfile = os.path.join(out_dir, "" % (ffi_out, ffi_in))
[3474]12print "Reading:", infile
[3522]13x = nappy.nc_interface.nc_to_na.NCToNA(infile, requested_ffi=ffi_out)
[3474]15print "Writing:", outfile
[3478]16x.writeNAFiles(outfile, delimiter=",", float_format="%g")
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