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[7927]1This directory contains default resourcess for defining dependencies and utilities to manage these
31) Register_ExternalPackages.xml is a default register of canonical classmappings for the ISO and OGC SWE frameworks (mirroring the HollowWorld resopurce set)
52) GenerateFromXSD.xsl
6This is a XSLT 2 styesheet for extracting a classmap from a GML XSD. This assumes the ISO 19136 encoding rules have been used, but can provide an editable template for any schema mapping.
9Note - this needs XSLT 2 because it has sensible namespace support.
113)  a simple conversion utility to convert the contents of an Excel
[7815]12spreadsheet to an XML mapping file.
15- Open spread sheet and modify contents (modification may require revision of the XQuery indexes etc)
16- Save spread sheet to "Microsoft_ISO_19136_3.2_Table_D.2.xml" file ("Save As...|XML Spreadsheet")
17- Run the "spreasheet-converter.xq" XQuery on the "Microsoft_ISO_19136_3.2_Table_D.2.xml" file (Requires XQuery execution environment)
18- Save query output as an xml mapping file. (e.g. save as "Mapping_ISO_19136_3.2_Table_D.2.xml")
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