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1Adds a layer to interact with a paste enabled, Django based, security service
2typically a dj_security app.
3The dj_security_middleware.middleware.DJ_Security_Middleware checks if the
4HTTP request contains a cookie called 'auth_tkt'. This cookie is set by the
5authentication service using the paste module.
7The configuration is quite straigthforward. In your Django app add:
91) 'dj_security_middleware.middleware.DJ_Security_Middleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
112) DJ_SECURITY_LOGIN_SERVICE to specify where the URL where authentication service
12is listening (say
143) DJ_SECURITY_SHAREDSECRET to specify the secret key used by the authentication
15service to encrypt the 'auth_tkt' coookie (say 'sharedsecret')
174) DJ_MIDDLEWARE_IP to specify the client machine where the middleware is installed
18(say '123.456.7.8'). The reason for this is that the client machine could be behind
19a proxy and in this case the authentication service uses the remote machine IP,
20the proxy in this case, to encrypt the cookie.
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