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1{% extends "base.html" %}
3{% block meta_title %}{% endblock %}
6{% block title %}CEDA Metadata Catalogue (Beta)
7{% endblock %}
9{% block main %}
10<div class="grid_12 whiteFill">
12           <div id="box1" class="grid_5"> 
13           <h3>Introduction</h3>
14           <p>The Centre for Environmental Data Archival (CEDA) maintains a metadata catalogue to aid data discovery for users. This metadata catalogue has undergone various developments over the years and this catalogue interface is the latest development.</p>
15           <h3>Standards</h3>
16           <p>The latest version of the CEDA Metadata Catalogue has been built using CEDA's "MOLES 3.4" metadata model which is built on various ISO standards. For further details of MOLES3.4 please <a href="">contact us</a></p>
17           </div>
19                <div id="box2" class="grid_5"> 
20                <h3>Using this Catalogue</h3>
21           <p>This catalogue is still in its development stage and content may occasionally change and be un-available. Users wishing to explore CEDA's operational metadata catalogue shoudl go to: <a href="">CEDA Data Catalogue</a></p>
22           <p>This catalogue, however, has a finer data granularity  - i.e. has a more detail about the data in our archives - and will still enable users to discover and access data. The first step is to search for data using the search function on the top right of the screen. Entering a character string will search for matching text in the titles of the entries in the catalogue (other search options will be added in due course.</p>
23           <h3>Further Information</h3>
24           <p>For further informaiton regarding the underlying technology driving this catalogue, the MOLES3.4 model or the catalogue contents please feel free to <a href="">contact CEDA</a>.</p>
25           </div>
27{% endblock %}
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