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Made all search boxes do the same thing. See for details of this and other recent changes.

3* [2012-04-15] Stephen Pascoe
5** Local settings and urls
6I've added which is automatically imported from  By keeping an un-checked-in version of
8in my sandbox I can avoid accidently commiting local changes to or having to resolve conflicts when others make changes to
11I've replaced to commented-out section of with a switch in called SERVE_STATIC_CONTENT.
14** GUID generation
15As I comment in ticket:22433 we should use standard UUIDs [1] rather
16than md5 hashes. "GUID" usually means the same as UUID and some
17software may assume the UUID syntax. This could be done from the same
18source bytes using uuid.uuid3()
22** RESTful URLs for cedaObservationView
23I have replaced POST actions to the cedaObservationView with a GET to
24a URL including the obs_id. In my experience POSTs to view URLs lead
25to usability problems like broken back button and browser reloads that
26ask to repost data.
28These URLs are RESTful but don't contain the GUIDs. This is an interim
29solution for discussion. IMO we can either have a single URL pattern
30for all entities that contains the GUID (like the current /spash/ URL)
31or individual URL patterns for each entity type but I'm not sure we
32can mix GUIDs and per-entity patterns.
35** Search
36I have made all live search boxes do the same thing, namely search for
37a cedaObservation by GUID.  All search boxes now POST to the /search/
38view.  I've also fixed the CSRF token error on the index page.
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