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Revision 3841, 810 bytes checked in by cbyrom, 11 years ago (diff)

Various updates to the xquery files - to remove usage of invalid specs
and dependency on obsolete function calls. Also add the inputParse_xquery_lib.xquery
file - referenced from the xquery files but not currently included in codebase.
NB, changes made to allow use of Saxon java library to do xqueries - to
remove the need for the discovery service eXist DB.

  • NB, also changes tested by comparing saxon transforms to eXist ones; these

were found to be identical.

1(: This moles listing query returns all the moles DataEntity documents and their local identifiers within a specific TargetCollection and a particular type (default is dgDataEntity) :)
2declare default element namespace '';
3declare variable $targetCollection as xs:string := 'TargetCollection';
4for $DE in collection($targetCollection)/dgMetadata/dgMetadataRecord[exists(dgDataEntity)]
5let $f:=util:document-name($DE)
8(: Yes, there is redundant info, we'll sort that out later, rapid bug fix
9mode :)
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