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Adjust ndgutils setup to allow the inclusion of the xquery lib files
+ adjust the ndgXqueries script to allow the easy retrieval of
these files.

1# Removed import of ez_setup as we won't ship it. SEL 08/01/07
2#from ez_setup import use_setuptools
4from setuptools import setup, find_packages
7        name='ndgUtils',
8        version='0.1.0',
9        packages=find_packages(),
10        test_suite='nose.collector',
11        package_data = {'ndgUtils':['xquery/*.xq','xqueryLib/*/*.xquery']},
12        author = 'Bryan Lawrence',
13        license = 'LGPL',
14        description = 'NDG utilities for metadata search and extraction',
15        long_description='''
16This is a package of utilities for manipulating metadata
17documents conforming to NERC DataGrid specifications, and
18held in eXist databases. Utilities to manipulate the
19NERC DataGrid public SOAP search interface are also
20included '''
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